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What will be the Idea, whenever we talk about The Next generation phone? Apple iPhone X? or maybe Samsung Galaxy J & S series? But this time this miracle was done in VIVO. Vivo had recently launched over the Future generation phone, Vivo Apex X 21. Which is been launched over several countries including East Asia, Singapore and to be released in India in some days. This all screen phone has the ability to take down market of some reputed phone maker company easily.


In Mobile World Congress 2018, Vivo left the world in awe with its new concept phone Vivo Apex. It is a 98% screen-to-body ratio phone with a front facing camera that appears in the top frame. The first production-ready operational version we phone we have seen in the MWC 2018. This phone feels like something out of a Sci-Fi movie within display fingerprint sensor. The only downfall is you will not be able to buy this phone after reading this article. The features and specifications will easily make you fall in love with apex.


Immersive display with a negligible bezel

Vivo Apex Display

On the first look what will strike you as odd is the bezel-less screen. It is having an astonishing 98% screen-to-body ratio which makes the size bezels king of completely indivisible. We have seen many thin and thinner bezel phone released in the past year till 2018. But Vivo here takes a significant step further into the future. Apex is having a top bezel and side bezel even thinner than iPhone X and bottom is also lesser in thickness. The screen size is 5.99-inch where the bezel is only 1.8mm thick which extends up to 4.3mm at the bottom chin.

Vivo Apex Bezel Less

The huge screen and OLED display create a fantastically immersive display which will glue your eyes to the screen. The onscreen resolution is 2160×1080 pixels and also has 18:9 ratio for the seamless movie experience. The size is perfect to fit in your palm precisely and can easily be used in one hand.


Protruding Selfie Camera

Vivo Apex Camera pop-up

Let’s face the truth guys. Selfies have become the life of a smartphone. The quality of selfie is defining the standard of the smartphones nowadays. But again Vivo apex left us in awe by showing us there is always a place for something new. As there is no bezel at the top and bottom bezel is also very thin there was no place for a selfie camera. That’s what most of us thought after the first look at the phone.

Vivo Apex Camera Hands On

Vivo Apex featuring a protruding selfie camera which is expandable and retractable as wish. This feature is really one of a kind. Whenever you enter into selfie mode or turn your front facing camera on. The expandable camera extends from the top of the phone. It will stay until you turn off the selfie mode or close the app. When your work is done the camera will automatically retract back inside the phone. Every one of the tech nerds used the phone was blown away by this feature. It was a simple yet powerful solution to the bezel problem. The camera is capable of super HD with a limited dynamic range up to 14EV. This is based on multi-frame composition and smart optimization

Vivo Apex Camera Close up

Under-Screen Fingerprint Scanner

Previously we all have seen the fingerprint scanner embedded under the screen at CES. But in APEX Vivo took it to a next step further with a half-screen sensor. It is actually a technological evolution in mobile fingerprint scanner, now you are not limited to a certain place. The whole mobile screen is now your fingerprint scanner. As more screen real estate is available you can easily use combination 2 fingers to set up the lock. Moreover, the two fingers don’t have to be the same person’s. Security of some apps just sky rocked to a next level.

Vivo Apex Fingerprint

The under the screen fingerprint is a rather new tech that is not yet polished for commercial users. Getting the print and registering is was easy but the phone to recognize it might take time. There need to be some general user tests before we can conclude if this tech is better than Face-Id. But at this point, the technology nowhere near ready for general public use.

IOS Rip-off features

Vivo Apex icons

And another great thing about Vivo that it is having a software which is very or completely similar to iOS. From graphics, icons to the feature everything you can relate to an iPhone. Even some iOS-esque notification shade home screen and quick ball feature are present. Vivo V9 is a complete example of that.

No details were given by Vivo about the release date of Apex or the real commercial product is going to launch. So it means we cannot also estimate the price range for this phone. But there are two things that the Chinese manufacturers confirmed on a press release. That Apex will be powered by a Snapdragon 845 chipset and mass-manufacturing will start middle of this year. Please note Vivo might have launched Apex for a hands-on experience but yet to disclose the specifications. There is no official knowledge about the RAM  or the camera resolution or anything about the storage details. So any details regarding that floating on the internet as of today is incorrect or a simple guess, nothing official.


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