The Best Budget Power Bank For General Use

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We are now kind of handicapped without our smartphones. Even if for 2 hours our smartphone shuts down we make a hell of a big deal out of it. Quick charger, Fast charger, and Turbocharger everything came into the picture as a result of this. We don’t have time to wait for charging our mobile. We want to use it as fast as we can without wasting our time. For the charging purpose only we tend to use power banks or external batteries. In this topic, we started searching for the best budget power bank currently available in the market.

These are the power banks we selected for our test cases. We bought some of them and collected some of them and started our testing to find out which one is superior in what matter. For the testing purpose, we used several mobile phones to discharge and recharge our power banks. Each time we checked if the batteries are fully discharged or not before starting a test case. And we noted each battery discharge speed which is a crucial factor for these tests.

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Go through the whole post before you choose any of these power banks. Each one is having their strengths and weaknesses. Do not judge anyone of just with the build quality. We have made a detailed review of each one of them.


Xiaomi Mi 20000mAH Power Bank

When we completed our testing of more than 20 different power banks for 100+ hours, we found out that Mi Power bank 2 is the best budget power bank for general use. On the first look, the device looks simple enough to think like a cheap product. But it shocked us after we went to compare our results. The features it houses are quite unique and handy. It doesn’t come with any useless features like a torch or something like that. Xiaomi providing to the customers what they promise. A great power backup with long battery life and bundled with many features.

Mi Power Bank 2 comes with 2 variations 10,000 mAH and 20,000 mAH battery capacity. In this post, we are considering the later one. The price point of 20k mAH version is lower if you compare it with 10k mAH in term of price/mAH. So we recommend our readers to opt for 20,000mAH variant. But if you on a budget and don’t need that extra 10000mAH then simply go with the lower variant. There are some features missing in 10k mAH variant. We will discuss it later in this post.

Build and Design

Xiaomi is known to us because of their cheap and pocket-friendly products. A huge portion of Indian smartphone users is trusting Xiaomi because of their flagship phones. Mi Power Bank 2 is also in a pocket-friendly dimension 13.5×6.7×2.3 mm (L X W X D). It weighs around 330.5 grams which are really very light. We were able to easily slip it into our trouser pocket and laptop backpack. Yes, but if you want to put it into your jeans then it’s a whole different story. The 20k mAH variation is a bit thick than the earlier version. So you will have a hard time carrying it around in your jeans pocket.

The Power bank comes with only one color that is white. The body is textured with grey dots, it adds a bit more grip to it. The external case is lightweight yet very sturdy made with ABS plastic. We performed some drop tests and it survived without any crack (Nothing like 50ft or 100ft drop tests :P).

Ports and LED

The power button is on the right side of the unit and at the bottom, you will find all the necessary ports. There are 2 output USB ports and 1 power input charger port. There are 4 LEDs present right above the type C charger port. The ports sturdy from the inside also. We tried to chip one down using some forceps but it resisted well. There is very less chance of having any accidental damage. The OEM USB charging cable provided is a normal quality flat cable. We didn’t put any stress test over it as it seemed to be quite normal. The cable is capable of handling 9v/2A fast charging.

Performance and Charging Time

Every judgment was made during performance testing only. We haven’t use any fancy machines to test the performance of any of the power banks listed. Our team discharged some of our phones and charged them using the power bank. We noted down the time taken from 0-100% of charging of each phone. We also noted down how much time the power bank took to charge from 0-100%. Then we compared and gave our ratings. We used OnePlus 6, Redmi Note 5 Pro, Huawei P20, Mi Max 2, and Samsung Galaxy S8 for our testing. The charge time graphs are shared below.

Mi 20000 mAH charge graph

The Mi Power Bank 2 20,000mAh variation is having dual charger ports. While both of them are in use then the power output is 5.1V / 3.6A for each channel. Or it supports 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A, and 12V/1.5A with QUALCOMM quick charge 3.0 when a single port is being used. It is having nearly 90% conversion rate according to our tests (93% mentioned by Xiaomi). With Qualcomm fast charge 3.0 charger it took 6 hours to charge fully (0-100%) which is slightly longer than expected.

Dual Charging Mi 20000mAH

The 10000mAh is having some different aspect from its successor. It is having only one USB out port and one type C charging port. The output power is 5.0V / 2.0A, 9.0V / 2.0A, and 12V / 1.5A with fast charging support. The Power button is also situated at the bottom beside the USB port itself. With the same charger, it took only 4.3 hours to charge fully (0-100%).

We used a quick charger to charge the power banks because it is supported by them. Before using any fast charger on your power bank please read the manual. Check if it supports the quick charge or not.


Warranty and Additional Details

Xiaomi provides only 6 months warranty with both of the variations. Which is in our opinion is a bit of a downfall of this product. While its other competitors are all providing 12 months warranty, our best pick lagging behind in this case.

[newproductlink title=”Xiaomi Mi 20000mAH” score=”9.5″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;” pros=”Speedy Charging;Good Charging Capacity;Stylish” cons=”Charge cable not high quality;White color gets dirty easily” ratings=”Stylish:95;Portability:85;Capacity:90;Charging Speed:95″ short_desc=”Xiaomi extends its commitment to manufacture the world’s best power banks in India. 20000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i delivers on innovative design, excellent quality and high output capacity.”]



Lenovo PA13000 13000mAH Power Bank

If our best pick is out of stock or you want to go for a cheaper option, Lenovo PA13000 might suit your needs. Though Lenovo marketed this power bank as a lightweight model still it is a bit on a bulkier side. But the weight doesn’t affect its portability anyhow. In terms of power, backup PA13000 is a great option for everyone. At this price point, there are very few chargers that can compete with it.

Build and Design

Lenovo PA13000 comes in three color variants which all look really cool. The white model is a bit cheaper in Amazon than the gold or silver model. By build, it is on a heavier side but not very bulky in size. The plastic body is matte finished but doesn’t feel very premium on touch. During our drop tests, it also cracked a bit when dropped from 4.5 ft. So we cannot say this one is very sturdy. The product weighs around 399gms and nearly 14 cm in length. It is easy to hold the product in one hand as the breadth and depth are only 6.4 cm and 2.2 cm respectively. The product is a perfect rectangle with rounded corners. We could easily fit it into our jeans pockets.

Lenovo Ports

PA13000 comes with 2x USB charging ports both are having an output of 5v/2.1A. And both of the ports are available to use 2.1A all of the time. It means that when the device connected to one port the other one will not act as 1A. On the left side of the device, you will find the power in port and the power button. The indicator LEDs are placed in top left corners. When fully charged all the lights will glow up. Even though the plastic feels cheap, the ports are very sturdy and feel very premium. Overall the build quality is “ok ok” kind.

Lenovo Side View

Performance and Charging Time

During the performance testing, Lenovo PA13000 really shines. We were able to charge our all test mobiles with ease. The device took little over 5.5 hours for getting it fully charged. For charging the device we used Anker PowerLine cable which really helped us to charge it a lot faster than the OEM cable. The charging speed and capacity were decent. We were able to charge our Mi Max fully once using the same cable for 4 hours(nearly 3.5hours). The second time the phone was halfway charged only. The actual power output of the device is like 7000-7500 mAH.

Lenovo PA13000 Charge Time Graph

The power bank is having 2x USB power out ports and both of them supports 2.1A output of power. This is not very good but not bad either. It doesn’t’ support fast charging so you have to wait till your device charges. We have drained the full power of the power bank and recharged it several times. We observed that it doesn’t affect the power capacity at all. It was a fast testing what it will do after 6 months cannot be defined right now. But for light usage or as an emergency charging option this power bank can be relied upon.

Dual Charging PA13000

The power bank emits a good amount of heat while charging the phones. Due to the heat issue, a lot of power leaks out. This is the main reason every power bank is having a power leak issue. PA13000 certainly get more heated up than IT-PB11K. This is the only downside to this product. But do not think it heats so much that you cannot put it in the pocket. We measured the heat for the testing purpose only also with a thermometer. With bare skin also you can’t feel the heat that much.

Warranty and Additional Details

Coming to the servicing option of Lenovo. I am personally using Lenovo laptops, power banks for so long time. I never faced any kind of problem with the service center. But with this power bank, the story was very different. I checked with 3 local service center and they directly told me they do not provide service for power banks. After that, we called the Lenovo customer support and they instructed us which service center to visit. Reaching the service center they took the charger gave a receipt and told us to come after a week. After 7 days we went to the service center but still, our power bank wasn’t back. They told us to wait for another 3 days. That was also in vain.

PA13000 Unboxed

At least after 20 days, we got our power bank replaced that too after a continuous call with the customer care. Since then the power bank is working fine right now but the customer service at that time was horrible. As our personal though Lenovo should consider a better customer support service for these kinds of accessories. I love their fast response everytime I call for a laptop. But this product ruined my service experience with them.


[newproductlink title=”Lenovo PA13000″ score=”9″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;” pros=”Good Design; Torch Included;Good Charging Speed” cons=”Very bad customer service;Charger Cable is not good” ratings=”Stylish:95;Portability:80;Capacity:80;Charging Speed:85″ short_desc=”This portable charging device comes with a capacity of 13000mAH and can be easily charged with micro USB type connector. With such a long battery life, you can keep your device on charge multiple times in a day. “]



Intex IT-PB11K 11000mAH Power Bank

Our third best budget power bank is Intex IT-PB11K 11000mAH. This item is a little bit on a bulkier side and pretty big in length also. If you do not want to go to either of our previous picks or want to save some money IT-PB11K is your best bet. This power bank offers 3x USB charging ports and an additional LED torch. I know the torch is not that big of a deal but everything is good if you are getting it for free. The power bank is better to use for long travels as it doesn’t support any kind of turbocharging.

Intex IT PB11k unboxed

Build and Design

Intex PB11K comes with two color options, black and white. We opted for the white variation but the black also looks good. The outer plastic shell is made out of high-quality sturdy plastic. The battery is a bit heavier side, the whole product weighs like 312gm. The dimension of the product is 14.2 x 2.6 x 6.3 cm (L X D X W) but it will be bulkier than the measurements. The product is not a perfect rectangle, it is convex in both sides giving it bulkier body.

IT-PB11k Ports

On the left side of the power bank, you will find 3 x USB ports and on the top side the charge-in micro USB port and led flashlight. The product is having 4 LED indicators on the top side above the power button. The indicator LEDs are not that bright and don’t leak any light. So it will not be hard for you to understand the power limit you are having left.

Charging LEDs Intex

The quality of the charger USB cable they provide is average. It can last for a long time if you take good care of it. The USB is not a long one


Performance and Charging Time

During the testing session, we used Anker PowerLine cable and it charged the device faster than the one given in the box. It took 5 hours to get fully charged which is nearly 2 hours less than the OEM cable. The performance was good as per the charging speed and charging capacity. It provided an actual power output of nearly 6000 MAH and the speed was average. The power output of the respective USB ports is 5V 1A, 5V 2.1A & 5V 2.1A. In short, your phone will not charge as fast as our best pick as it doesn’t support quick charger 3.0. And the input power it supports only 5V 2.1A so taking time for charging is a genuine cause.

Intex IT-PB11k Charging Graph

During each test, we have used this charger multiple of times to check the whole scenario. Every charger losses some of its power due to power leak. To preserve the capacity longevity manufactures limits to relatively slow inputs and output for charge speed. The heat buildup, long cables are the reasons for power leak in most cases.

Intex Charging LEDs

PB11K emits very less amount of heat, at least less than Lenovo PA13000 and definitely lesser than Ambrane P-1111. If you are experiencing any heat issue with this power bank either you have received a damaged product or you have received a refurbished product. In such cases get in touch with the seller or contact with your online e-Commerce for return. Validate your product after buying online and offline many sellers are now selling fake products. Verify them using the proper serial number. Intex PB11K is not a perfect mobile charger but at this price point, you cannot ask for more. I personally have been using it for more than 8 months without any kind of issue.


Warranty and Additional Details

One of the best thing about this power bank that it comes with an enchanting 1-year warranty. Everyone wants to cover their back when it comes to service. For the same reason, the warranty and service quality should be top notch to gain your customer’s trust. We faced no problem getting our power.

[newproductlink title=”Intex IT-PB11K” score=”8″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;” pros=”Good Customer Service;Portable Design;Good quality USB cable” cons=”Bulky Design;Short Cable Lenght” ratings=”Stylish:83;Portability:70;Capacity:75;Charging Speed:80″ short_desc=”The Intex Power Bank is loaded with a powerful 11,000 mAh battery that can charge multiple devices. With its 3 USB 2.0 ports you can charge your smartphones along with your tablet in no time.”]



Ambrane P-1111 10000mAH Power Bank

If all other three of our budget picks are unavailable then we will recommend you to go with Ambrane P-111. With a very unique hexagonal design and matte finish, this power bank is more on the bulkier side. But it still is enough portable to carry it in your laptop bag. But as the price goes down the quality follows. You cannot expect the quality of this power bank similar to our top 3s. Though it is sturdy enough for light traveling and charging your device on the go.

Ambrane Unboxed

Build and Design

Ambrane P-111 comes with several color options to choose from. The white-blue version is the cheapest one compared to the white, black, silver and gold. The colors are all matte finished and look really good with the hexagonal design. Build Quality of the power bank is fairly good it can handle drop for few times. The internal circuitry also absorbs the shock of sudden drops without falling apart. Sometimes when fallen the front plastic cover opens up a bit. Just press it to set it back in place.

Ambrane P-1111 Ports

The device is 14.2 cm long which is the same as Intex PB11K. But the Ambrane a bit chunkier 2.3 cm depth and 6.2 cm width. Though Ambrane is bigger than our previous pick it is also lighter than Intex PB11k weighing only 277 gm. This gadget is easily great fit in your travel bag without taking up much space.

Ambrane P-1111 Torch

P-111 is having dual output charging port one is having an output current of 1A and another one is 2.1A. Meaning it supports fast charging of your devices. There are indicator LEDs present for a better understanding of the charging capacity left. You will find the charge-in port and torch LED on the top surface left side. The light is not very bright but it does its work as some bonus light option in an emergency.

Performance and Charging Time

In this case, also we have used Anker PowerLine cable to charge the power bank itself and it took less than 7 hours. With the factory provided charging cable, it was nearly 8 and a half hours to get it completely charged up.

Worth mentioning one thing that we also tested using Mivi 3.1A wall charger in every case. The result was a minimum of 45 minutes to 1 hour less time in charging the power-banks to full.

P-1111 Chargin Graph

The power bank was good in terms of charging capacity. The actual power output was 7000 MAH which is quite impressive in this list.  We charged our whole range of mobile phones using this charger one by one and observed some power leakage. The power bank also tends to heat up after a while of using. That heat is the reason for power leakage mainly. But it is not red iron hot, the plastic body prevents most of the heat. Frankly, speaking I use it often to keep my chest warm when the AC is high. 😛

Warranty and Additional Details

Ambrane is providing 1 year out the box warranty to the customers from the date of purchase. Keep the warranty card safe. You will find it inside the box with user manual and other accessories. Ambrane service center people are quite strict about the warranty card so keep it handy. Our customer service experience was not a pleasing one. For us, it took like 3 weeks to get a replacement for our product. We interviewed some the other customers and received the same complaint regarding the service. According to them, the average replacement/repair time was 2 weeks if you are lucky. Before you buy this product please check membrane website for their service center available in your city. I will personally recommend this product only if all the other products are unavailable at the time of purchase.


[newproductlink title=”Ambrane P-1111″ score=”7.3″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;” pros=”Fast charging on most devices;Low Price;Good Build Quality” cons=”No 5V 1A Outlet;Charges Slow;Heavy to Carry” ratings=”Stylish:95;Portability:70;Capacity:70;Charging Speed:75″ short_desc=”It comes with over charge protection, short circuit protection, LED indicators, over current protection, and overload protection. It is available in white/black color.”]




This was the brief review of the best budget power banks currently available in the market. And it is solely based on our viewpoint and our test results. If you are not satisfied with our points or want to add something to the community please do comment below and let us know your concern. We will be happy to satisfy our reader by updating our contents if necessary.


The Competition

Intex IT-PB12.5K : Intex IT-PB12.5K power bank comes with 12500 mAh battery. The large battery make it usable for a long period of time. Have space for more devices also along with your smartphone with this power bank.

Portronics POR-010 “Powerslice 10” :  Powerslice 10 is highly compact and lightweight with dimensions similar to your phone, Fits easily in your palm along with your phone making it easy to carry around while it’s charging the phone, powered by 10000mah li polymer cells to ensure more safety and more charging cycles, dual input charging: One with 1A lightning port and other with fast charging 2A USB port, This gives you freedom to carry only one cable to charge your phone or the power bank itself, Now no need to carry two cables on your trip or everyday even if you use iPhone, Designer style give great refined look which suits your dapper personality, 6 level protection including short circuit, current and voltage overload, overheating and protection against wrong insertion, Bis certified

Lenovo Power Bank PB410: The Lenovo Power Bank PB410 5000mAh can solve your problem of recharging your most dependable device on the go. This elegant steel finish Power Bank is although power packed with capacity of 5000mAh or milliamp hours, it is surprisingly light weight.


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