The Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under Rs 1.5k

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Gaming takes you to a whole new world of fantasies and adventures with an only single click. And some of us take the gaming hobby too seriously. So we always wanted to optimize our system for the best hardware suited for gaming. From the graphics card to our mouse we always wanted the top-notch gear to make our gaming experience far more pleasing.

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A gaming mouse is not just a ploy for marketing. They are different than our standard mouse which we depend upon to complete our daily work. They are comfortable to grip, equipped with better side grips, having more precise sensors, packed with more number of buttons, that too is customizable, housing LED (RGB/non-RGB) to give a boost to aesthetics and a very powerful and long-lasting scroll wheel. Gaming mouse tends to have a sturdy left click and right click button which can tolerate the torture of professional gamers for many years. If you are a hardcore gamer I bet this thought certainly crossed your mind to get a gaming mouse that too without leaving a hole in your pocket. So here we are to share our list of “BEST BUDGET GAMING MOUSE” with you guys.

Logitech G102 Optical Gaming Mouse

During our previous post Top 10 Best Budget Wireless Mouse we had separated a batch of mice to conduct test scenarios for a whole different genre and to produce a list of “BEST BUDGET GAMING MOUSE”. We were more than excited to test these mouse (Gaming time for us) for as long as we can. After more than 50 hours of research, we have concluded that Logitech G102 Optical Gaming Mouse is the best value gaming mouse at this price point. Logitech has always left its mark in the sector of computer gaming and made the users satisfy enough to go for this brand again and again.

The Best Budget Gaming Mouse

We have considered all of the points and requirements of a gamer regarding his mouse to rate each of the mice accordingly. With easy to reach 6 programmable buttons, 200-6000 DPI sensor, and laser point accuracy this mouse clawed its way to the top.


Build and Design

Logitech G102 is made of sturdy high-quality plastic with a rubbery coat matte finish. The coat provides extra grip to the gamer. The mouse is having a very simple classic ergonomic design which can satisfy any kind of grip you use. Let it be a claw grip or a fingertip or palm grip all of the buttons will be easily accessible to you. You will get a 7 button setup for this mouse which is fully configurable.

Logitech G102 Sensor

This mouse is having Omron switches which last very long time. We shook that mouse hard to get some noise out of it, but we failed. The forward and backward buttons are well placed at the edge of the surface which you can reach easily. The mouse wheel is made out of rubber and has a scaled design which provides extra grip and it takes less than no efforts to make a middle click (It is not too loose either that you will click by mistake).

G102 Mouse Cable

Behind the scroll wheel, the DPI setting button is situated. You can change your DPI from 200-6000 on the fly. The mouse wire is not braided but made out of very hard quality so forget about wire breaks, and as it is not braided we experienced a lot of flexibility during testing.



Coming to the performance we cannot deny that Logitech G102 outperformed all of those mice we’ve tested. The high accuracy optical sensor gives you 8 times faster gaming grade performance than any standard mouse, the on-screen maneuver response of the cursor is near-instantaneous. The DPI button can change up to 5 levels of dpi from 200-6000 just with click-cycles. The click response time was also really good during our testing period.

Logitech G102 Software

The sensor that was used in this mouse is called mercury sensor which is developed by Logitech and can give a tough competition to PMW3366 sensor easily. So in simpler words, this is the best budget sensor at this price point. You can use the Logitech gaming software to customize the button settings of this mouse and make profiles (choosing polling rates, dpi, and lighting) according to the games you play.

Logitech G102 Onboard Chip

You will find two options in the software itself Onboard Memory and Automatic Game Detection. The first one lets you save your settings on the mouse itself (onboard memory chip) so you can use that setting on any computer. And the later decides your setting depending upon the profile you select. To summarize the performance we received worth every penny you spend on this mouse.



G102 Back Side

If a gaming mouse is not comfortable enough to play for hours then it will never be considered as a gaming mouse. Our best pick is having a classic hassle-free design which is built for comfort. Any grip you use (fingertip/claw/palm) your hands will not feel aching as Logitech took small/big palms into considerations and made those groves to fit every kind of hand. The side grips are also soft and give a perfect grip without leaving sweaty hands. The buttons are very well placed. You don’t need to stretch your fingers to reach any of the buttons. The forward and backward buttons are easily accessible by your thumb.



Logitech G102 Green LED

Logitech G102 does not have a flashy appearance like Dragonwar/Redragon those companies. It looks sophisticated and classic and kind of like a normal mouse. The jet black finish with RGB LED slit adds to its aesthetics. You can choose from 16.8 million colors to satisfy your needs as it is a full RGB setup. With Logitech Gaming Software you can adjust the brightness levels with the games of your choice. The USB is regular only no gold plating or anything like that. The USB wire is also not braided so it looks kind of simple. A braided wire would be a better addition though.


Out best pick comes with 2 years of manufacturer warranty which is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. For a gaming mouse at this budget 2 years of hardcore usage and also without worrying about taking your mouse out of business is kind of a good for our pocket. And there is nothing much to discuss about the Logitech’s customer service.


[newproductlink title=”Logitech G102″ score=”9″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;Flipkart::!iKNNNN::1699;;” pros=”Simplistic Design;Minimal Controls;Great Performance” cons=”Less Number of buttons;Doesn’t looks like a gaming mouse” ratings=”Performance:95;Style:80;Comfort:90;Accessibility:80″ short_desc=”Play to your full potential by being more accurate than you’ve ever been before. G102 features a new sensor designed in the USA and manufactured in Switzerland.”]


Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse

Logitech G300s

If you are more into the fancy design, not classy one then you might want to go for our Logitech G300s which will give you performance and looks altogether. It is having a similar kind of build as our best pick only a lot fancier. It is having quite accurate sensors, Omron mouse buttons, sturdy and ergonomic design and similar to our best pick it is also having an onboard memory where you can store your setting from Logitech gaming software. But in some aspects of comfort, this mouse lagged behind than G102. But if you prefer a fancier design and willing to sacrifice a bit of performance and dpi range we recommend you to go to this one instead of G102

Build and Design

The G300s is built of high-quality plastic and rubber. You will simply feel the premium quality as soon as you touch it. Featuring ergonomic design and a 9 button setup this mouse can satisfy all your gaming needs. The whole mouse does not have a coat of rubber you will get high quality textured rubber on the side grip and they are also soft to handle. The mouse body is grooved to fit in most of the palm. After using for like 4 hours straight our testers don’t feel any aches. There are 2 buttons on each side of your main click buttons and 2 buttons right down to scroll wheel which is totally configurable with Logitech gaming software.  The mouse USB wire is not braided but strong enough to last long.



When it comes to performance it qualifies with our best pick. While testing this we got great accuracy, the near-instant response from it .iI moved quite great without any hassle that will definitely improve your gaming grade performance. The click doesn’t make noise and are quite smooth; the scroll wheel, on the other hand, is a bit of a downside.  The scroll wheel doesn’t have a rubber-like grip and is not smooth enough and small in size, we had to put a little bit of pressure to get it scrolling and middle clicking in that process.

Logitech G300s Package

It is easy to swift through 5 DPI grades from 200-2500(max DPI) just by clicking the DPI button. The button settings are totally configurable with Logitech software but that is limited to windows only. You cannot change the configurations in Linux environment, you could only use whatever settings you have saved previously.



Using Logitech 300S was a great experience it fits right into the palm. The mouse is neither too big to handle nor too small it just perfect for all kind of grips. After long hours of gaming, our tester didn’t feel any kind of hand aches. But the concern is the middle 2 buttons. You have to change your grip every time you want to use those two buttons and that’s kind of a hassle while gaming. The mouse design is very ergonomic and you will not need a long time to get used to the design. The side grips are soft and well made, but we felt the rubber quality could be a bit better at this price point.



Opposite to our best pick this mouse is having kind of a punk aesthetics. With the ergonomic design and 4 colors LED setup, the mouse looks perfect for gamers. With Logitech gaming software you can change the LED colors according to your gaming profiles and your needs.

Logitech G300s Different LED

Similar to our best pick this mouse is also having an inbuilt memory. You can store your settings so you can use the same into any other system. This mouse is perfect excuse to show off your gaming system to your friends.



Similar to our best pick Logitech providing 2 years warranty for this mouse also. But be careful with some sellers if you are buying online. Ask them beforehand cause some are selling old products and mentioning no warranty for the same.

[newproductlink title=”Logitech G300s” score=”8.5″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;Flipkart::;;” pros=”Great Design;Many button Setup;” cons=”Normal Wire;Normal USB;Minimal color options;” ratings=”Performance:90;Style:90;Comfort:85;Accessibility:80″ short_desc=”Enhance the accuracy quotient of your cursor movements, typing and gaming with the Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse (910-004347).”]

Cosmic Byte Supernova

The new and great contender in this market will be Cosmic Byte. Now in the Indian market cosmic byte is taking a bigger step in with its budget gaming mouse and keyboards. Cosmic byte supernova is one low priced feature-rich mouse. It gave a very close competition to our previous picks in the matter of performance and aesthetics. If you love the ergonomic design for maximum comfort and precision for gaming then, by all means, you can opt for Cosmic byte Supernova if our first 2 picks are unavailable.

Cosmic Byte Supernova

Build and Design

Supernova made of high quality of plastic with good gripping rubber providing a seamless performance throughout the testing sessions. The premium plastic with rubber coat gives a very premium feeling to the user and it will fit in any palm let it be big or small. The groves on the mouse are very well made and it maximizes user’s optimization and control while gaming.

The mouse is built with 10 buttons setups which are fully customizable with the software provided with the mouse itself. But keep in mind the mouse is not ambidextrous; you cannot use all the buttons if you are a left-handed person. There are 5 buttons which are accessible with the thumb only to handle more configurations and make your gaming experience seamless.

Byte Supernova Size

Buttons are very smooth while using and doesn’t make any kind of clicking noise during aggressive gaming also. The mouse USB is gold plated to provide a long lasting life to the port. The cable attached to it is also braided so you need not worry about tears or breaks in the wire.



Cosmic Byte Software

Being a new joiner in the race of gaming mouse Supernova doesn’t sacrifice it’s performance at all. The high-resolution optical sensor and smart detect technology it also detects how you move your mouse. How much you move it and sets the speed accordingly. It comes with Avago A3050 sensor with a 4000 DPI and dpi controller to provide you with the fly dpi change. A fast-paced gaming suitable for shooting based gaming (Yes I still love CS). With the software that comes with this mouse, you can change the programmable keys as you please (like ctrl, shift, alt) to make life easier and minimize the keyboard usage.



This small piece of hardware is built for your comfort. The rubberized material grips your hand perfectly and if you are having short fingers you need not worry from a distance also you will be able to perform all the clicks. The extra keys are the lifesaver. Not only during gaming but also while you use these for your day to day life. Below the mouse, there are 4 surface pads that will allow the mouse to move around freely on any surface but we will recommend using a good mouse pad with it for better performance. You can get any mousepad of your choice.



Cosmic byte supernova really shines when it comes to aesthetics and I mean literally shines. It houses PURE RGB LED backlight you can use the software and change the RGB lights of your choice you can give it effects like pulse or cycle or heartbeat anything you like while gaming. We set up many RGB profiles while testing on many games( We really went overboard with that). Everything met our satisfaction.

Supernova Lights


The quality of the RGBs are really good they haven’t used any cheap quality LEDs, we really experienced vibrant colors with good hue, saturation, and brightness. The mouse itself is having an ergonomic design and it is quite fancy for gamers. It looks like a racing car than a mouse mostly but it is what makes it so special for you to grab and showoff to your friends.



Cosmic bytes providing 12 months warranty with Supernova. You can visit their website and grab their contact details and they will guide you through the process. We found it a bit slow process but not a deal breaker. We got out mouse and headset replaced within 10 days itself but it mostly depends on your location.

[newproductlink title=”Cosmic Byte Supernova” score=”8″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;Flipkart::;;” pros=”Great Looks;Packed With LED;Software Support;Braided Wire;” cons=”Lazy Customer Support;Plastic feels cheap;” ratings=”Performance:85;Style:95;Comfort:85;Accessibility:90″ short_desc=”The Supernova 10 button wired gaming mouse offers a killer design and lethal accuracy with multicolored LED up to 4000 DPI and 1000 Hz polling rate which ensures a stellar gaming experience!”]

Redragon M602 Nemeanlion

If you are unable to get your hands on our previous three picks. Don’t panic Redragon M602 is another great choice for budget gamers. Unlike the previous one, this mouse is all about the flashy colors and eye-catching design. But this is not only a beauty without brains. The beast itself is having added weight to counterbalance your hand. In the matter of accuracy, DPI setting, ergonomics, and comfort M602 Nemeanlion do take the card for 4th place.

Redragon M602 NEMEANLION

Build and Design

M602 Nemeanlion is built with sturdy plastic and have a rubber coat cover the body that provides extra grip to the mouse. The mouse is having soft and good side grips and a palm resting wings on both sides. There are 7 buttons and all of them are easily accessible throughout your gaming session. You need not leave and hold the mouse continuously to reach the button. The mouse wheel is made of plastic and a rubber grip is given over that. The wheel is not too sensitive or not too hard you can easily scroll through pages or weapons, and with a single press, the button will click effortlessly. The mouse is having a braided wire which actually gives it longevity but takes some flex away from the wire.



In the matter of performance, the sensor is really accurate while gaming. We didn’t get any kind of lag of miss clicking or mouse movement. The buttons are easily accessible and are quite sturdy, they don’t make a hard clicking sound or rattle when the mouse is being shaken hard. Inside the mouse, Omron buttons are used to give it more long-lasting clicking cycles. You don’t need to have a very good mouse pad to use this mouse your desk will just work like butter. But our recommendation will be using some mouse-pad maybe a cheap Redgear MP80 Speed-Type or You can always get Razer Goliathus, it will save your mouse base pads from decaying. The base counterweight also helps to keep everything balanced.



The mouse itself is quite comfortable to use but I found its gripping your hand too much making your palm sweaty which in sometimes creates irritation there is no passage for air to come between your mouse and palm (hard for palm grip). Otherwise, the mouse is quite good. The side grips are decent; the buttons are within reach the base is quite smooth also so mouse maneuver was not at all a problem. The braided wire doesn’t only gives extra protection to your wires but also adds extra weight. Which might take a little bit to be adjusted if you are currently using a mouse without one. But At this price point, I think this mouse is worth a shot.



As mentioned earlier this mouse is all about flashy lights and eye-catching design. It is having 7 colors LED backlights setup and by using their gaming software you can change the light shades, hue, and saturation to fit your gaming needs.

Redragon M602 Lights

The bottom of the mouse you will see the company logo that glows with the LED itself. The mouse is designed is also ergonomics and as well as strikingly good, if you want to boast about your mouse in front of your friends then Nemeanlion will give you the reason and the resource to do so. The braided wire also adds beauty to the color scheme.


Redragon provides a 1-year warranty to their mice. But as we read many comments their customer care service is very poor according to most buyers. We could not check that aspect as the mouse didn’t have any kind of technical issues after all the rigorous testing and none of us personally used this brand.

[newproductlink title=”Redragon M602 NEMEANLION” score=”7.8″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;Flipkart::;;” pros=”Simple Design;Ultimate Controls;Braided Wire;Counter Weight adjustable” cons=”Not full RGB;Doesn’t work with Software;” ratings=”Performance:80;Style:70;Comfort:75;Accessibility:80″ short_desc=” Redragon’s aim is to deliver gaming accessories of the highest quality and performance. Excellent Ability to run on almost all kinds of surfaces “]

Dragonwar Leviathan ELE-G1

Dragonwar Leviathan ELE-G1

If you want to get going with a cheaper option from all of these then we would recommend you to go with Dragonwar Leviathan ELE-G1. As this is the cheapest option you will have to sacrifice a lot of things if you are going with this one but this mouse is really very good for the price point itself. The good precision with the sensor, braided wire, 5 key controls makes this mouse your value for your every penny.

Build and Design

The mouse itself is a little bit small and groovy. The body material used for this mouse is not high quality. It feels like cheap plastic at some point of times. The rubber used as the side grips are also of low quality. If you have sweaty fingers then after a while your mouse will start slipping a bit.

Leviathan ELE-G1 Sideview

There is forward and backward button given near the thumb which is easily accessible. The scroll wheel is made of plastic but it is having a rubber cover on it which does provide a good amount of grip to it. The wheel takes a little bit pressure to do the middle click. The mouse comes with braided wire so that is a plus; you need not worry about wire breakage. The mouse buttons are very sturdy and sounds are crisp when clicked.


The performance itself is normal; it is quite similar to normal mice that you get while buying a computer. The DPI control works flawlessly you can cycle through the 4 sets of DPI from 250-3200 ranges whichever satisfy your needs. The click response time we felt was also good and it didn’t make any kind of problem during gaming.


When it comes to comfort the Dragonwar Leviathan will disappoint you a bit(Only a bit) as the quality and design are as good as our other picks. The side grips are not that comfortable for long hours (7+) of gaming. It takes time to adjust with the side keys, as they are vertically placed. The mouse is having a rubber coat to provide you a better grip.



Dragonwar Leviathan Lights

The mouse looks really good for its price point. It is having ergonomics design and full black body. It is coated with a matte rubberized material which provided a good look to the whole package. You will get 4 LED setup with the mouse (Not RGB) which you can cycle through the mouse software. The LED light is really bright and cannot be turned off so it might be a problem for some guys. The looks of the mouse are actually very premium. Considering the budget it really will not give you any chance to complain.


Dragonwar providing 1-year warranty only for manufacturing defects. Any physical damage to the mouse will not be covered. They get a fair amount of support to the customer and the services are also very good.

[newproductlink title=”Dragonwar Leviathan ELE-G1″ score=”7.5″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;Flipkart::;;” pros=”Cheap Mouse;Many Controls;Braided Wire;” cons=”Cheap plastic;Side Grips are not comfortable;Bad Design;” ratings=”Performance:70;Style:70;Comfort:60;Accessibility:60″ short_desc=”Gaming mouse with 8 control buttons (programmable). Mouse cable length 1.8 meters (with braided fiber cable) with 4 colors LED scroll. “]


These gaming mice are the budget basis. If you think you can increase your budget then we will always recommend you for Razer. Or any other better brand that will have a complete end to end customer support. Our next article will not consider the only budget. We will review about the best the industry has to offer. Share your thoughts in the below comments.

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