The Best Budget Computer Cabinet For Gamers

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Entry level gamers always face the dilemma while choosing a cabinet. Finding the best budget computer cabinet is always is not an easy job to perform. A gaming cabinet is a critical component for a gamer and will be their best eye-candy. But the process of finding a good cabinet which can hold all the components easily as well as looks good becomes quite a tough job.

We jawed down basic expectation of a gamer from their computer case. The aesthetics should always be the preference here and then comes the cable management. The size is always a priority and using all the occupiable space is an art only gamers will understand. For an entry-level gamer, we should consider the budget also. After spending half of their budget on the graphics card and buying all the other peripherals like monitor, mouse etc. It will be devastating for them if we put a burden of Rs. 10,000 on them.

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Here in this list, we will only discuss gaming cabinets within a budget of Rs. 6,000. And if our readers demand any higher or lower budget we will keep updating the list according to their suggestions. And for choosing the best budget computer cabinet we have considered the factors like build quality, cable management options, space and mainly aesthetics of the case. Your rig design and your color scheme are totally up to you.

Zebronics Matrix The Best Budget Cabinet

After testing over 12 budget gaming cases and spending like 3 days of continuous pc building and taking apart. We concluded that the Zebronics Matrix is the best budget computer cabinet for gamers. This so-called Mid-Tower (bigger than most mid towers) made all competitors eat dust. Originated from Zebronics premium gaming cabinets line Matrix does take the cake. Featuring a great build quality, ample amount of space, frameless tempered-glass side panel Matrix will leave you in awe. In this price range having a mid-tower with all these features is simply a bang for bucks.

Zebronics Matrix RGB Fans

Build and Design

Zebronics Matrix is having a premium build quality consisting of high-quality aluminum and plastic. Simply by touching it, we could say the build is different from any other cheap quality computer cabinets. It can clearly be observed that every inch of the cabinet shows premium finish. The sides and corners are not razor sharp. The rubber grommets are well placed in every cutout.

The basic size of this case is 20.5 x 40 x 48.3 CM (W x D x H) which is bigger than most mid towers. It weighs like 7 KG and housing rubber legs for stability. The left side panel of the case is fully made out of tempered glass which looks gorgeous. The PSU can be stored at the bottom of the case. PSU logo/sticker was easily visible through housing cut-out and tempered glass. There is a total of 2 dust filter in the case. The top dust filter is magnetic and the dust filter for PSU is a normal one.

Cablem Management Cut Outs

Inside the cabinet, you will not find any kind of metal cages for optical drives occupying any space. Because of this feature, only this cabinet feels very spacious while building a PC into it. The back side is having meshed design providing an ample amount of air-flow. And the flex level for this case is totally negligible. The case is having ample amount of space to hold 240/280 AIO cooler easily. We were able to place Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 280 easily on the top or front side. Deepcool Gamer Storm Maelstrom (240mm) was an easy fit also. Or if you are a fan of fans you could easily place 2x 120/140 mm fans in the front, 2x 120/140 mm fans in the back and 1x 120mm fan in the backside.


One hell of a feature of this cabinet is it is simple yet modern looks. Matrix comes 3x fans, 1 situated at the back and 2 at the front. All these fans come with RGB Halo rings. It really glows like an angel halo with great brightness and pure colors. It gives the case a more of a premium look for gamers. The case is made out of high-quality aluminum and plastic with a great matte finish. According to our testers, it looks fantastic in a low light room.

The left side panel of the case is a frameless tempered glass. This adds a great bonus to the looks. There is no mambo jumbo you need to do to make your components visible. It already provides the best view. The LED controls and additional ports are located at the top of the case without ruining the front view. The case features a great angular cutout at the PSU housing to show off PSU logo. And most of us loved that feature.

Zebronics Matrix Aethatics

There lacks one feature that might be considered as a con for the aesthetics. There is no brightness control option for this RGB halo fans. These always will run on full brightness. And the fans are also not full spectrum RGB it only has 7 basic color options. With the color controller, we tested each color and each effect. By far every color was vibrant and bright with a great hue. Even with heavy sunlight, the LEDs were visible naturally. The cycle color mode really looks good while in effect. But with this much bright halo rings shining right in front of you might be a curse also. We felt very distracted by the lights while watching movies.

Space and Cable Management

Zebronics Matrix is a big and spacious case which easily held all our necessary gaming peripherals. There is a place for 2x optical drivers and 3x HDD or SSD can easily be fit into the case. We found many accessible cutouts with grommets which made the cable management a piece of cake. It held every cable in place and for extra pressure, the zip ties which came with the case helped a lot. We tested this case with the biggest graphics card in our disposal GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1060 Windforce. And Matrix held it like a breeze without needing any excess adjustments.

Space and Cable Management

No metal cage or lack of housing for optical drivers made things easier. We need not worry about any obstacles while doing our cable management. Also setting up the PSU at the bottom of the case frees a lot of space on the top part. The cable management was super easy in this case. We found no problem at all setting up the cabinet multiple of times. Micro ATX and ATX both are supported in this case and could easily be set up with various configurations. In terms of cable management, this case is a packman it can eat anything and absorb it very well.

Additional Info

Matrix is kind of a dream cabinet for entry and mid-level gamers. It looks cool, great cable management options, great aesthetics, and RGB Halo lights. It is the best you can get within this budget. Matrix comes with 3x 120mm fans with RGB halo (2 in the front and one on the back). You will get a fan controller with the case. There are only 3 modes to operate the fans High/Low/Off.

Air flow

Take note: even with the high setup, the fans are totally silent. But there is no brightness control on those fan led halos.

The case comes with a 1-year Zebronics warranty for manufacturing defects. Keep in mind you will not get any damage protection warranty. The Zebronics customer support is also flexible and prompt enough for a quick reply. They do care for their customers and try to put customer concerns on the top priority. We really had a good experience with service center associates also.

[newproductlink title=”Zebronics Matrix” score=”8.6″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;” pros=”Great Design;RGB Fans Included;Good Airflow;Full translucent window” cons=”Not so good customer support;Attracts Dust;Chipped Corners” ratings=”Design:95;Cable Management:95;Spacious:95;Show off:95″ short_desc=”Matrix comes with 3 fans and you can add up to 2 more fans and get just the right amount of airflow you require. CPU cooler up to 160mm height and Graphics card of max 380mm length.”]

Corsair Carbide SPEC 02

If our best pick is unavailable at or you want to go with some different kind of build, then Corsair Carbide SPEC 02 is our next budget choice. This is one of the Corsair budget models that was launched in 2014. This model is an upgraded version of Corsair Carbide spec 1 which comes a little bit cheaper. For an entry or Mid-level gamer, this case was a bang for buck that time and still holding its ground. With a sturdy build and windowed side panel, this is an efficient case for most gamers. Although some of the features are old school but still handle the job pretty well.

Corsair Carbide SPEC 02 All Sides

Build and Design

Corsair Carbide SPEC 02 is another bottom mounted power-supply budget case. The whole case is made of high-quality aluminum and plastic. The overall design is an on the bulgy side which provides more room for cable management claims corsair. As an international brand corsair is repeated for their great finish. We didn’t find any sharp edges or colorless trims. Even the driver cages inside the cabinet are very well fished and chipped corners.

The overall size of the case is 21.8 x 50.3 x 42.9 CM (W x D x H) and about 5.7kg in weight. The case is actually heavy and bulgy by looks. But also with the RED and the Black combo looks really very aggressive. This case is actually lighter than our best pick and having better rubber legs for stability.

When we started building inside the case, the experience was not similar to our best pick at all. The front fascia was very hard to open. We had to push it hard to get it open completely and at the same time, we had to be careful not to break the holding clips. The top vent is open without any dust filter. The bottom vent is having a dust filter which is of worst quality. It is simply a plastic mesh which they attached to the bottom. Even for cleaning and opening that filter is a war of patience.

The buttons and front USB are placed at the top of the case which is my personal preference. The two 3.0 USB ports are apart from each other beside each headphone ports. We felt it very convenient as wide flash drives will not block each other out in any case. Overall the build quality was satisfying at this budget.


As the matter of aesthetics Spec 02 is not one of the most handsome entries of this list. It looks a little bit bulgy, the side panel is not full windowed, optical driver covers are out in open; These things add negative points to the looks of the case. But we considered the age of this model also. Spec 02 is a very old released model of Corsair which lacks the new styles. But if we compare with any Cabinet model of that era then it has a great aesthetics compared to them.


The front grill with a red LED fan gives this case more of an aggressive look. The color scheme of RED and black is always dominated most of the color combos. And In this case, Corsair took full advantage of it. The top flat glowing red line makes the looks more interesting. If you choose Spec-02 we recommend you to buy an extra RED LED fan and attach 2 intakes in front. It will add to the glow it already has.

Space and Cable Management

Carbide Spec-02 is not a very spacious case. We observed that right after opening the side panel. The optical drive cages actually ruined the experienced while doing the cable-management. The lower hard drive cage is actually expandable and gets in the way of attaching the 2nd fan. So we unscrew it and kept it away to fit in our 2nd intake fan at the front. Unlike Zebronics Matrix most of the drive plates are blocked with a drive cage. You can unscrew them and keep them aside but you need patience with that work.

Carbide SPEC 02 Rubber Gourmets

If the driver cage is attached there are 2 quick release SSD mounts you can use. This totally tools less we can simply put the SSD by sliding it in. And with one click it jumps back out. As they are placed right in front of the intake fans, there is hardly any heat buildup on the SSD.

You will not find any rubber grommets inside the case which we considered as a con. Only 2 grommets present at the backside for liquid cooling tube (I don’t think anyone will use these). The top vent actually is very close to the motherboard. If you are having a fancy motherboard with big RGB heat sinks then you might not be able to fit 240mm AIO cooler at the top vent. We tested the same with Deepcool Gamerstrom AIO liquid cooler maelstrom series. It was a fit but was a very tight fit. With Asus ROG Strix setup there was very little or no space was available between the radiator and motherboard. Before buying this case we recommend to check if your motherboard heatsink is comparable or not.

Additional Info

Spec 02 comes with all the necessary features of a good gaming case. We faced some difficulties but at this budget, we do recommend this case to other users. The airflow was good if you can do a 5 fan setup. For the fans, we chose Circle 120MM fans which are very silent. You will not have a fan speed control built in the case so keep that in mind.

Corsair Ports

It comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty which is a very good thing for a gaming case. If any kind of damage happens you can claim warranty. The physical damage will not be covered in warranty only manufacturing defects. But even if CPU fans or power buttons or any headers create any problems simply contact the service center. If any customer center is available in your city, visit there for faster support.

[newproductlink title=”Corsair Carbide SPEC 02″ score=”8″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;” pros=”Good Design;Great Lightning;Decent Cable management;Good airflow” cons=”Not so spacious for big air coolers;OEM fans are very loud;Drive Cage is not modular” ratings=”Design:80;Cable Management:90;Spacious:83;Show off:80″ short_desc=”Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-02 Red LED Mid-Tower Gaming Case is rugged and flexible, with high airflow for high performance system builds. It is an aggressive gaming PC case with the superior air cooling you need if you’re running high-performance GPUs.”]

Thermaltake Versa N21 ATX Mid Tower

If you are on a tight budget and can only afford to spend a little on the cabinet then we recommend you to opt for Thermaltake Versa N21. It costs nearly half the price of our best pick but also looks fantastic. You might have to sacrifice a fully tempered glass side panel. But at this price point Thermaltake offering a polymer transparent window to show off your components. The case is rigid and sturdy. Mostly made out of high-quality plastic cover and aluminum chassis providing a great strength.

Thermaltake Versa N21

You will not have features like included LED fans, removable driver cages but you should not expect at this budget. Still, this budget computer cabinet offers removable top vents, front fascia door which is a great deal for the money you are paying. We ran similar tests on these cabinets also and it checked out pretty well. We chose Thermaltake Versa N21 Translucent for our base cabinet but there are many variations amiable in the market.

Build and Design

Thermaltake Versa N21 is made out of quality plastic and good quality aluminum. The case is sturdy and rigid. We disassembled all the plastic covers and tried to bend the aluminum chassis. It held very well we observed little to no flex without the side panels on. The screw rivets held out also during fan setups and AIO cooler setups. The corners of this case are chipped and smoothed, it gave us a premium feeling during pc buildups.

Versa N21 First Build

The aluminum part of this case is matte finished and the plastic parts are glossy. It gives a great gamer looks to the cabinet. The dimension of this case 20.2 x 8.5 x 18.2 inch (W x D x H) and about 5kgs in weight. It comes with 7 expansion slots which are quite normal.

Inside the case, there is an optical drive cage to hold 2x optical drivers and 2x 2.5inch driver cage included also. Next, to PSU, there is 2x 3.5inch hard drive cage which is tool-less. The hard drive cage will not allow you to set up 2.5 inches drivers there. There is an intake fan outlet right in front of the hard drive cage to keep things cooler. You can disassemble and HDD cage to get more clearance only if necessary.

Both the side panels have a bulge thickening the whole case. The bulges are helpful for cable management but you have to be a little creative. The cutouts are well made on this case for the sake of cable management. But there are no rubber grommets. Bottom PSU holders are having rubber stoppers to reduce the PSU vibration and sounds.


The looks matter for every kind of gamer. It is what we want to show off. Thermaltake Versa N21 offers a great gaming rig style for the various kinds of users. For more of casual users who don’t like “bling bling” can leave the front fan as non-LED. It will keep an aristocrat look of the case.

Or if we want more of an aggressive style we can simply put LED intake fans in the front. It will bring out the beast within. The case doesn’t come with any LED fans. It has only 1x 120mm exhaust fan attached to its back out of the box.

Even with closed front fascia, the cabinet looks awesome in black. It is not a matte finish, it is totally glossy so it will attract everyone’s attention for sure. Being glossy material it is scratch prone and will attract a lot of dust. The front fascia is divided into 2 parts. The top part is like a door system hiding your optical drive bays. We removed the top panel of the case exposing the fan grills. LED fans also own here in term of looks.

The only CON for Aesthetics is the small side panel window. It only shows some part of the hardware, not the whole. So if you are thinking about making an entire RGB strip setup inside the cabinet, we would advise against it. But we cannot complain about these things at such a price range.

Cable Management

We were disappointed with the cable management of this case. It is no way for a newcomer to manage and hide all your cables. The side panel bulge will help to hide some of the cables. But to hide everything completely you have to be a sneaky artist. Rubber grommets are luxury for this case as you will not get any. There are cutouts but less number of zip ties provided.

In simpler words, there is not much of space behind the motherboard to manage all the cables. And after attaching one SSD behind the motherboard, space becomes lesser. If you are having Molex connectors then it becomes a hell of a job. We tried to hide most of the cables using many zip-ties but certainly, we couldn’t cover all up.

Versa N21 is a spacious case. It is not as big as our best pick but it can hold most of the monster air-coolers. We have tested with Cooler Master Hyper 212X, Cooler Master Hyper D92 and those fit seamlessly. Setting up a 240mm AIO at the TOP was easy. We had enough room between the motherboard and the AIO cooler without any doubt. AIO coolers cannot be set up at the front of the chassis. The driver cages will block it away. Even with HDD case removed you will not be able to set up the radiator there.

But after various setups and various trials of cable management we observed that it is not big of a deal. The fiber window panel will only show part of CPU cooler and motherboard. So hiding all the cables feels like pointless.

Additional Info

Thermaltake Versa N21 is a super budget computer cabinet for gamers. We couldn’t dare to compare this with our best pick as the price is nearly half. But still, with this pricing, we are receiving many features to make our experience better.

Front panel buttons

  • The buttons and front panel ports are situated top of the cabinet giving it a clean look.
  • The bottom PSU fan grill is having a plastic dust filter (not a good quality one).
  • The top fan grills are strong enough to hold the heaviest AIO 240mm cooler.
  • Tool-less driver bays and great rubber stands.
  • Huge airflow with 5 fan setup.

These features are the ones that brought this case into our consideration. Combined with the budget and features Versa N21 clawed its way through the contenders to the top 3.

[newproductlink title=”Thermaltake Versa N21 ATX” score=”8″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;” pros=”Futuristic Design;Chassisis of quality” cons=”No LED fans included;HDD could use more space;Not good cable management” ratings=”Design:90;Cable Management:85;Spacious:85;Show off:95″ short_desc=”Gaming-Oriented Concept – Designed for gamer, the glossy black front/top panels provide stylish images.”]


These are the best gaming cabinets according to our test results and depending on the budget. If you feel within this budget there is any other cabinet we should be considering feel free to write to us. We want your opinion on this to grow this community. Comment, tweet, write on our facebook page. Just let us hear your opinion we will certainly take it into consideration. And if any flaws we have missed out in the article also let us know. It is not only I make the community, we are the community.




iBall Storm : iBall Storm Gaming cabinet with its robust housing is all designed to deliver superior performance. The steel black body and a spacious design having transparent side panel window adds the durability and sturdiness to the Cabinet. It is also designed with Glossy front panel with Blue LED fans on the front. The super high speed USB connections, lets you bring out the gamer in you.

iBall Stella: Another great Gaming cabinet by iBall. This one is a great example of classy front panel with piano shiny finish. For low budget cabinets iBall Stella is another great choice even if you are not a gamer.

Corsair carbide spec 4:  The Carbide Series SPEC-04’s angular, hard-edged exterior features bold styling for a remarkable look. It is a new mid-tower aimed squarely at the budget market. The case shares its price and much of its hardware (and tooling) with the aged SPEC-01, but with the alien, angular appearance of the SPEC-ALPHA, channeling the aesthetics of the once case into an affordable price point.

BBC GAMING CABINET 8802: BBC 8802 is the gaming cabinet its have more space as you can see in the pictures because the HDD fitting choice in the SMPS position. It have one 33 LED fan in front and you can add more fan as you want to add and its have one optical drive bay and 2 SSD mouting points.


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