Scandal That Brought Zuckerberg Down On His Knees

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You might get notified that your data on Facebook is in misuse? Or might be not. A while ago, well when it’s October 2017 little by little facebook data violation gets formed. Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg execution from the Congress and commerce committee is been roaming around for a while. The testimony was on Tuesday 10th April 2018 and the next testimony was on 11th April Wednesday.


There may be some questions all over the information worldwide, what actually have had happened. So, here is a brief history you are might looking for-

The Election victory of Donald Trump: You might be at a high queer moment when you have seen America’s president. The presidential election has chosen Donald Trump over unexpected voting number against Hillary Clinton 2016. About that history, Facebook has given a discloser that it involves over 50 millions user personal data (87 million to be precise) violation improperly by the Strategic Communication Laborites (SCL) & by the Cambridge Analytica. They are suspended from Facebook. Facebook deputy general counsel Paul Grewal has discovered that how SCL possess user data and revealed it, a psychology professor named Alexander Kogan, has made an app named “this is your digital life”(tells a person’s personalities or traits) to collect the personal data of that user who ever going to download it.

Nearly about 2,70,000 people downloaded this app by logging in to their Facebook account through which Kogan has access to personal data such as, what they like, characteristics & friends messages. Christopher Wylie was the one who has made some data that could prevent that.Kogan was asked to delete all those data and without proper investigation, Facebook claimed it is been deleted, but later found they still have those data and have accessed their pages through Instagram. Clearly, the suspension was temporary.

Aleksandr KoganAleksander Kogan is the one who delivers those data to Cambridge Analytica : He was completely normal about this matter – in BBC Radio 4’s programme he urged that ”We thought we were doing something that was really normal” In addition, he claims that he was deceived to act that way by Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. The statement of a former employee, Christopher Wylie Centralized all these practices deserves credit for this.




Cambridge Analytica ‘s facebook data violation has not taken Initiatives: THE NEW YORK TIMES confirmed that Voter profiling was done by these hacking. As per the book “Hacking the Electorate” there are two types A) Micro-targeting > analyses behavior, interest, and the opinion held by the group of people. B) Psychographics> collects information about people personality and psychology. Leads the 1st steps forward to the execution of Zuckerberg towards the courtyard.

Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica hasn’t deleted the Data as promised: Reported continuously that data still not deleted.To be more enthralling, Zuckerberg Own personal data was in danger and part of the leak. Shady profiles, that means, who don’t have an account have the access to any account, which was consider the biggest flaw, in Facebook’s privacy defense.



Facebook Reaction

The Great influence of Cambridge Analytica & its sting operation push over Facebook at a cliff of losing its place from people’s mind. To stop it to take abolition further Facebook has taken some initiatives:

  1. Facebook had ensured that it engaged a forensic team to investigate Cambridge analytics.
  2. The acting CEO of Cambridge Analytica Alexander Taylor had apologized for the controversy and says that it was conducting a third-party audit of Facebook data. For the record, Facebook has stopped the investigation, hand over to the ICO(information commissioner office).
  3. As the result of the previous confession, Cambridge Analytica had suspended its CEO and Alexander were free to investigate independently.ICO department got more information of this, heinous process, such as how the work goes on etc.
  4. Facebook announces that it will limit the data access for the developers through their Apps. They will investigate every kind of App which asks for personal information access.
  5. The GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION or GDPR, basically an European protection, Facebook privacy setting has it. Which could have saved the FB user, but Zuckerberg was hesitant to apply it all over worldwide. Which lead him being responsible for the data leakage.
  6. Facebook claims that it will not be going to allow any third party data targeting Ads to access accounts. Also has reduced the android call history and SMS data collection, so the information leakage doesn’t happen in future. After some week, for finally Facebook has suspended Canadian data firm Cambridge Analytica.


The World Reaction

The World was astonished, stayed in silence, by knowing millions of their personal data are in misuse, mostly affected places are America, United States, United Kingdom & more :

facebook data leak country list

  1. Whatsapp co-founder notified everyone to delete their Facebook account.
  2. Sono was a speaker company abolished advertisement from facebook, twitter, YouTube, Google, Instagram just for one week.
  3. SpaceX, Telsa, Playboy popular pages deleted its accounts, whole America started to boycott or delete Facebook account.
  4. New York and Massachusetts attorney general has taken the investigation in hand, while FTC confirms, they will handle the matter (privacy setting).
  5. The UK asks Mark Zuckerberg to explain the “catastrophic privacy failure “ in Facebook, though he doesn’t give any answer to that and remain silent for weeks. He even asked to resign as CEO.

As a result of the previous agitations, the senators aka congressmen and the Commerce community summoned Mark Zuckerberg. Thus where the testimony begins__

At the primary days Mark, starts an Apology tour from CNN channel interview to publishing an Apology letter in 6 UK newspapers, “we have a responsibility to protect your information, if we can’t, we don’t deserve it,” after that over 87 million users is being notified that their information is improperly obtained and it’s imperative to say that this saves Zuckerberg on his testimony, even we all knew that how much he was screwed up.

On The Day of Testimony

  1. A) There were 2 days of testimony where Zuckerberg is being asked several questions, about security and unwanted adds, he was asked some of the questions, where he had given awkward replies, which were hilarious.
  2. B) Some strange theories came up such as, Zuckerberg was not running a paid version of the Facebook, he even struggle to name a single facebook competitor’s name (asked by Mr. Graham), Mark Zuckerberg even cleared it that Conspiracy theory of using microphone of Facebook, is to gather more personal data is completely void.
  3. C) After these meetings Senators of the Congress has rolled out some new rules in creating a bill over online data use. There are some justifications of Mark Zuckerberg which you might want to know. Mark finally admitted that he will increase the European data protection worldwide.

Economical issue

However with all these records, Facebook net worth has fallen down gradually. Closely more than $15 million loss was found as per information from the United States.

So, share a very minimum quantity of data, because whether in Instagram or Twitter, Cambridge Analytica Is still out there. Before your data gets into wrong hand, take a good look, of where you are sharing your information with.


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