Huawei’s Nano-Memory(NM) Cards To Replace Traditional Micro SD Cards

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A new era is about to begin when we talk about External Storage Place in an Android and Apple OS. Traditional Micro SD cards are to be replaced! The new Nano-Memory card with a vast place in it will make it happen.

Well, that’s been an off topic yet big news released 16 the October Huawei’s next Phones “Mate20” & “Mate 20 Pro” Launch. Huawei has made an announcement that all possessional formats over storage place which holds a vast place. There are none other than Nano-Memory cards that will provide the capacity at which a Micro SD could not.

The Nano-memory card

Huawei’s Referred over the specification of “Mate 20” that this NM card is designed to take less place over. Also completes more than the needs when we talk about storage. Designed just as a Micro SIM card (45% smaller than micro SD Card) this card will hold the power of 256 GB Storage. It also boasts 90Mbps transferable speed. Over the past time, Huawei came with a storage idea of 64 GB or 128 GB. But in this new Launch of Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro, this format is designed in order to expand storage. Here you don’t need a Micro SD card anymore. This phone has dual storage of card slots, where you can use you another SIM card or The Nano-memory card. It is designed just like that.

Our thoughts

Huawei Nano Memory CardSeeing the unexpected, yet to be expected considering people need. It might be an experiment for Huawei’s to replace the Micro SD card with their new NM card. But on the other, it would be great if the storage place was more than 1 TB. Then it will be really Questionable even to the other competitive market of mobile technology such as Apple, Samsung, and other OS operative phones.


Also, there might be a chance that people will lock down only over a brand. They may not visit other features if Huawei delivers there all needs they might not choose another brand to be entertained with. But one theory we have to notice over it, this release (“Mate 20” and “Mate 20 Pro”) roaming around the market on 26 October. This is exclusive, likewise, the upcoming releases a consumer would like to choose a different specification. That Might Create another competition for Huawei. Let’s see what will happen in the near future.

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