Finally Intel Z390 Chipset Unveiled – Supporting Documents Published

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Intel takes out the big guns again with their new Intel Z390 chipset. They just made Z390 Chipset official by posting the whole product specification on the Intel official website this weekend. The brief product details are available to download on their official website in PDF format.

By checking the specs for Intel Z390 chipset, the feature is very identical to the 300 series chipsets that launched earlier this year. By looking into the Intel Z390 diagram that provided it shows some interesting things. The Z390 chipset is a successor of Z370 chipset without huge advantages. It brought down some same features that were recently launched on many entry-level motherboards but was not included for Z370.



Intel Z390 chipset does support all of Intel’s 8th Gen processors coupled with the Optane memory. But Intel made a huge change in connectivity options including 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5.0. The new Z390 will replace Z370 in Intel’s lineup with better overclocking power.

Finally Intel Z390 Chipset Block Diagram

The other features which are already available on most mainstream motherboards will be available with this new chipset.

  1. Intel Wireless-AC Adapter
  2. 6 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Ports with 10 GBPS of speed
  3. Up to 10 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports (5 GBPS) or 14 USB 2.0
  4. 24 PCIe 3.0


For Which Group of Users

By a recent leak from Bluechip Computer, it got revealed that Intel Z390 chipset will mostly be available in the 3rd Quarter or mostly after Q4 with latest motherboards. The Z390 chipset motherboards will cut the down the cost of manufacturers omitting the need of any third-party controllers. Unlike Z370 the Z390 chipset motherboards will be cost-effective, in addition to having some high-end variants for delivering extra benefits to the users.

Bluechip Leaked Comparison

The million dollar question is this who will be using this chipset. As a personal opinion, most pc enthusiasts who are dying to use new technology and Intel die-heart fans will be the first one line. The people who are already with a PC build with Z370 chipset might not even think of upgrading. The Z390 chipset is also not for gamers, they are still enchanted with 8 core Coffee Lake chips. The Z390 chipset will give a new path to the motherboard manufactures to add to their lineups.


Intel Z390 Chipset Specifications

Chipset NameCoffee Lake S / 300 Series (Z390/ H370, B360, Q370, H310)
ProcessorIntel® Z390 chipset-based platforms enable the processor PCI Express 3.0 lanes to be configurable as 1×16, 2×8, or 1×8 and 2×4 depending on desktop motherboard designs.
MemoryUp To DDR4-2666 (Native)
Media, Display & AudioSoundWire Digital Audio Interface

DP 1.2

HDMI 1.4
HDCP 2.2
HEVC & VP9 10-bit Encode/Decode

HDR, Rec.2020, DX12
Integrated Dual-Core Audio DSP

I/O & ConnectivityIntegrated USB 3.1 Gen 1, Gen2, Intel WIreless-AC, SDXC 3.0 Controller, thunderbolt 3.0 (Titan Ridge) w/ DP 1.4 and much more
StorageSATA 3.0

PCIe 3.0

Intel Optane memory

SecurityIntel SGX 1.0
Power ManagementC10 & S0ix Support


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