How To Remove Password From PDF Files – 3 Best Ways

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If you are reading this then you also want to know how to remove password from pdf file like a thousand others. Most of us in our lifetime did come across password protected PDF at least once. And if you are a salaried person every month you receive one bank statement/credit card statement in PDF format. In most of the scenarios, these PDF files are encrypted with a password. If your PDF contains personal or confidential information 90% of the times it will be password protected.

And every time you want to access the document you will have entered the password manually. That is a bit of hassle for me as I use Google drive for most of my documents.

Each file with different password for a different reason, non-searchable texts is quite bothersome. Or if I want to upload my document somewhere which doesn’t allow password protected documents (Like medical insurance).

Since your pdf file is password protected then it might contain sensitive information. Using services like Online PDF Unlocker is not a good idea.

My guess is you are also facing the similar issue, what else you will be here for right?

Here I will show you 3 best ways to remove pdf passwords. One of the ones is a FREE way and the later one is paid. Yes, I know you all are bent towards the word “FREE”. Actually, it is more of a trick that everyone should learn or at least some of you are already using. And the paid method is actually the official method. Yes, it does involve buying Adobe Acrobat Pro.

In any case, you need to have the PDF password. If you do not know the password you cannot use any of these methods (sorry guys no malpractices).

Methos To Remove Password From PDF

  • Remove PDF Password Using Google Chrome
  • Remove PDF Password Using Windows 10
  • PDF Password Removal Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

The Free Method

The free method for removing password from a PDF document is a simple one. You can actually do it only by using applications already present in your system (if you are not living in the Stone Age). And remember this trick will not work with any PDF that is having any printing restriction. Some banks/companies did include printing restrictions to their client data. But that will very rarely be the scenario. To remove password from pdf you need to have at least one of the below-mentioned software.

You can use this trick in several ways. If you are a Windows 10 user we recommend using instead. If not please proceed.

The Universal Way Of Removing The Password
  1. You can use Chrome browser on Windows, Linux or any OS that is having the Chrome browser. Open the PDF using Chrome browser by simply dragging the PDF on chrome browser. Provide the necessary password.How To Remove Password From PDF Or using the while already in chrome browser press CTRL+O and navigate to your PDF file. Select the file and click on Open and type in the password.How To Remove Password From PDFHow To Remove Password From PDF
  2. Now here comes the fun part. What we are actually going to do is printing our password protected PDF file to a new PDF file. The new PDF file will not have any kind of password encryption.
  3. Click on the Print Icon on the top right side or press CTRL+P and you will be getting the print menu.How To Remove Password From PDF
  4. Now click on the “Change” button under the “Destination” pane. A new popup will open saying “Select a destination”. Select “Save as PDF” as the destination.How To Remove Password From PDFHow To Remove Password From PDF
  5. Click on the “Save” button, you will be prompted to select a save location and the name of the PDF. Select a location and provide a valid name for the newly created PDF file and click “Save”. Your PDF file will be generated. The new PDF file will not have any kind of password encryption.How To Remove Password From PDF
  6. This method can be used on Google Chrome in any operating system. As long as you are able to use Google Chrome you will be able to use this trick to remove your passwords. But this same method can be performed with any other application that supports PDF printing option.
Windows 10

For Windows 10 users can perform this trick without even using Google Chrome. Microsoft included a PDF printer functionality to Windows 10 itself. You can use the same trick with Microsoft Edge or any other PDF viewer in windows 10.


How To Remove Password From PDF


For example. Open your PDF file in Windows 10 using Microsoft Edge (You can use any other application) providing the required password. And click on the “Print” icon or press CTRL+P, you will be prompted to select a printer. Click on the “Printer” drop-down and select “Microsoft Print to PDF” and simply click on “Print” button.


How To Remove Password From PDF

How To Remove Password From PDF


You will be prompted to select a save location and give a new file name. Select the location, provide the file name, click on save and you are done. The new file will not have any password protection, pretty simple right?


How To Remove Password From PDF

**Please note: This method is not applicable on ancient versions of Windows 10. If you are using old version of Microsoft Windows 10 please update if you cannot do the following trick.


Method of using on MAC

This trick can also be performed in Mac also with Preview or any other PDF viewer application with built Print PDF feature. For that, you need to do the following

Open the password protected document in Preview and provide the password. Then go to File > Print or Press Function key + P to open the print dialogue.

PDF Password Removal In Mac

PDF Password Removal In Mac

After that click the PDF menu at the bottom of the dialogue and click on “Save as PDF…” After that, that click on print provides the file location and your chosen new file name. And click on “Save”. Your new file will be generated with the same content but without any password.


The Paid Method

Yes, you guessed it right. The official method or the paid method involves buying or getting Adobe Acrobat Pro. Keep in mind this is not Adobe Acrobat Reader which is a free application for PDF file view. By using Adobe Acrobat Pro you will also be able to print or remove the restriction for printing and obviously remove the password also. This is the power of money, you cannot do it freely $_$

If you are having Adobe Acrobat Pro then possibly you are already aware of this method. Open the file using Adobe Acrobat Pro and enter the necessary password. Click on the “Lock” Icon on the Left Side of the window and click on Permission Details.

Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

Alternatively, you can also go to File> Properties to open the “Document Properties” window. Click on the “Security” Tab and select “Security Method” as “No Security” and click on the “OK” button to remove the password.

Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

You have finished most of the work. Now you need to save the pdf, click on File>Save or CTRL+P and get the file saved. And you have successfully removed the password from a PDF file the official way. (Yes I know hardly anyone of us uses Adobe Acrobat Pro.)

Using Adobe Acrobat Pro


And this is the final step. We achieved what we started. This is far most the easiest way but it does require premium software to remove password protection from pdf.


These are the three best ways to remove password from PDF files. You can easily use some software like BeCyPDFMetaEdit or PDFCrack and they are pretty straightforward. You will not need a guide for using them. Lifewire compiled a good list of 5 Free PDF Password Remover Tools, check them out for better info. If somewhere I have made in mistake please let me know in the comment section. And if you want to ask for “how to” in any other topic, please let me know.

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