How To Configure Windows 10 Email Client

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Windows 10 email client can be a great and powerful tool if used properly. You can actually save a lot of time that you spend for accessing different kinds of email portals. Gmail, Yahoo, personal mail, work mail checking every kind of mail in different portal certainly is a time-consuming deed. And for these works, if you are still thinking of Outlook then my friend you are ways behind time. The new and updated windows 10 email client offers a flat minimalist design with touch support.

Today I am going to show you how to configure Windows 10 email client for any kind of mail server. It not only centralize all your email but also gives you ease of access. Previously most of us had to use some free version of outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird as a client. But after launching Windows 10 they included updated Mail App directly with it. Unlike Windows 8.1 mail app it is very lightweight and easy to work with. You will not be having any RAM deficiency or memory outage for using this App. It also comes with an inbuilt calendar and also the new messages will be visible in action center notification pane.

This is way easier than using outlook express or Mozilla Thunderbird. Configuring those heavyweight email clients takes time to load up fully. And also every time you open them they eat up a lot of memory which many of us simply hates. Because of all these reasons I switched to windows 10 email client and was very satisfied that I did. Please read up if you want to do the same.

Follow below steps to connect your Windows 10 email client to other mail servers.

  1. Open the Mail App from the menu. Click on it directly on start menu if available or search and open.


How To Configure Windows 10 Email Client STEP 1

  1. Click on the gear Icon below and click on manage accounts as shown in the image below. Or you can click on Accounts.

Windows 10 mail Settings

  1. Now click on the + Add account as shown in the image below.

Mail Settings Setp 2

  1. Select your email client Gmail/Yahoo/Microsoft Outlook whatever you want to connect with it. In this tutorial, I am showing for Gmail only. If you are having some other account they can be added in the same way.

Windows 10 Mail Step 3

  1. Provide the Gmail login username/email and click on next.

Windows 10 mail configure Step 4

  1. Enter your password and click next. (Don’t worry Microsoft won’t hack your password :P)

Windows 10 mail configure Step 5

  1. Provide the necessary rights. In my case I want my mail app to read, write or delete my emails and all other access. So I am clicking allow on this one.

Windows 10 mail configure Step 6

  1. And here you go! We are done 😀 Click on the refresh icon to fetch your emails.

Windows 10 mail configure Step 11

Other Domains

If you want to connect any other account (like your domain email accounts) then things turn a different way. This is actually a little bit more advanced than your previous steps. But you can easily do it simply by following the steps below.

  1. Go to the “+ Add Account” screen.

Windows 10 mail Settings

Mail Settings Setp 2

  1. Now select “Other Account” from the list.
    Windows 10 mail configure Step 7
  2. You will be redirected to the next screen. From here choose “Internet email”.Windows 10 mail configure Step 8
  3. Fill out the details on this screen.Windows 10 mail configure Step 9
    1. Email Address: [email protected]
    2. Username: [email protected]
    3. Password: <Yourpassword>
    4. Account Name: Account name you wish to use
    5. Send your message using this name: <WhatEverYouLike>
    6. Incoming email server: <your POP3 server>
    7. Account Type: POP3
    8. Outgoing (SMTP) email server:
    9. Tick the following as shown in the image.
    10. Check “Require SSL…” Options only if your mail server is having SSL certificates. Or if your domain is SSL Certified.
    11. Click on “Sign In” Button.Windows 10 mail configure Step 10
  1. And you are done setting up your mail servers. Your new Windows 10 Email will look something like the image below.

Windows 10 mail configure Step 11

Once you have setup your mail server you can easily access all your mail under one shelter. It makes it more convenient to send and receive multiple emails from multiple accounts. One free tool from Microsoft really does change a lot of things.

I myself use it every day as you can tell from the screenshots. All my emails from Gmail and Tactful Minds are easily available to me at this point in time. If you are facing similar issues then I recommend you to give this a try and let me know about your thought in the comment section.


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