Gigabyte Hits The Market With UD PRO SSDs

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There are many SSD manufactures currently owning the market nowadays. Things changed just a day before when Gigabyte announced their new line of SSD the UD PRO Series. With one single tweet Gigabyte just introduced their new Solid State Driver the UD PRO SSDs. UD is the abbreviation of Ultra Durable the main branding of Gigabyte. Gigabyte revealed that they will launch several more products of this kind over time. They are trying to kill their market with their first SATA 6GBPS 2.5-inch UD PRO SSD. It is using Toshiba BiCS3 Flash driver combined with Phison’s PS3110 S10 controller for delivering the uber level of performance.


Till date Gigabyte the worldwide popular brand, delivered us different lines of products for our gaming and editing needs. But the new line of flash-based storage is way beyond of diversity and will provide various kinds of loyal followers. Mostly gamers and pc enthusiast will go for this product coupled with the Gigabyte motherboard and graphics cards. Within 2 to 3 days Gigabyte will be ready to start the mass production of this new 2.5-inch solid state drives. And will be available on Amazon and Newegg within one or two weeks. The new Gigabyte UD PRO SSD series are coming in two variations 512GB and 256GB. The new drive looks fantastic in the greyish black exterior with Gigabyte name carved into it in white.



“SATA interface SSDs are mainstream and have a considerable development history. The challenge is to develop a product of exceptional quality that stands out from the rest,” said Jackson Hsu, Deputy Director of the GIGABYTE Channel Solutions Product Development Division. “GIGABYTE UD PRO series SDDs are a testament to our strict adherence to producing high quality products. With DDR3L RAM, 3D NAND Flash memory, 256GB or 512GB storage capacity selections, the UD PRO series SDDs offer users a high performance, high stability, and high capacity product choice, without sacrificing flash memory or performance.”


Gigabyte UD PRO New features

Gigabyte UD PRO SSDThe new Phison’s PS3110 S10 controller was designed for 2D-MLC and 2D -TLC incorporated SSDs . It features four processing cores and eight NAND channels coupled with 32 CE targets. So the as the baseline this controller can offer a decent ammount of performance if combined with a decent memory. The chip supports 120bit/2KB BCH-ECC algorithm which is the first time getting used for 3D TLC powered SSD drives. On the other hand, Phison and Toshiba have accredit that S10 will work perfectly with 3D TLC-memory. This will save the SSD makers good ammount of money by using cost-effective and efficient controllers. Phison might even do the assembly service of the new UD PRO SSD.

Although what make UD PRO SSD different than other SSD hard drives, is the Gigabyte UD PRO SSD series are going to be far more effective when it’s flash memory is at the full capacity. The in-built DDR3L RAM will allow the users to take advantage of the entire flash memory without sacrificing the performance. The testing that was done by Gigabyte was also world-class. They tested UD PRO series by implementing them on their various range of motherboards with their various chipsets. The testing was also done with high temperature and extreme and other stressful conditions. They performed flawlessly under each and every condition.


Price Point

The new UD PRO product series is coming with a very competitive price range that is what surprising for us. Where most of the other manufacturers are selling their 250GB SSD for 80$ or above, the UD PRO 256GB is only $68.99. And the counterpart 512GB SSD is priced at only $119.99. But do not expect a great level of performance with this series. Gigabyte UD PRO is more of a consumer level SSD with 530 MBPS sequential read and 500 MBPS sequential write speed. The UD PRO 512GB is with the highest random performance with up to 80,000/75,000 IOPS read/write. What makes this line of SSD better than it’s competitors that It will be coming with 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty.

For the better or worse we can only review this new line of hard-drives as soon as we get our hands on it. You can expect a detailed review whenever this hard drive comes for consumer sell. We can expect a drop in the price of other manufacturers in competition with Gigabyte which will be better for every pc enthusiast and gamers.



InterfaceSATA 6GbpsSATA 6Gbps
Form Factor2.5-Inch2.5-Inch
Warranty3-Years or 100 TBW3-Years or 200 TBW
MediaToshiba BiCS3 TLCToshiba BiCS3 TLC
Sequential Read530 MB/s530 MB/s
Sequential Write500 MB/s500 MB/s
Random ReadUp to 70,000 IOPSUp to 80,000 IOPS
Random WriteUp to 40,000 IOPSUp to 75,000 IOPS





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