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This time we will be talking a bit about the speakers. Who doesn’t love good portable speakers? It certainly has become a mandatory thing for most of the people who travel a lot. People with light traveling tendencies are also leaning towards good portable speakers. Let it be to college or workplace or just traveling round to any new place with 1-2 days of vacation these small gadgets will make life far more comfortable and relaxing.

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Here though we are going to talk about Bluetooth speakers to get you more freedom. Less hustle of handling all the wires and your 3.5mm jack which keeps us in a worrying situation of breaking. According to us, JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the best budget portable Bluetooth speaker you can get in your convenient. It is capable of delivering an outstanding experience of music.

JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic (Blue)

JBL GO Best Budget Portable Bluetooth Speaker

We don’t need to talk much about this brand here. JBL is the most trustworthy for delivering gorgeous sound quality to its users. JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is your all in one solution. With the rechargeable battery and great backup, you will never feel down to this speaker. Let it be your android or apple or 3.5mm jack compatible phone you will get a seamless performance in all of them. That’s why we can call it an all-in-one solution for all your portable speaker needs.

Build and Design

As people say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, this speaker has a very simple design. You will see a square box with mesh in the front and controllers on the top of the speakers. The body is made of premium plastic and a rubber finish, which is really very durable.

JBL Go Build

It survived our entire drop test (not too extreme like 10 ft drop and so). On the right side of the speaker holes to put your ring or holder too keep it hanging and on the left side, you will get all the necessary ports. You will be able to get 6 color variations of this speaker. The colors aren’t very vibrant, it is having a matte finish but it looks quite cute on the color schemes. You can easily slide it in your pouch or handbag.


JBL GO Portable really shines when it comes into comparison in the field of sound to the other speakers on this best budget portable Bluetooth speaker list. The sound quality is unquestionably very good. We have tested it with many types of songs to notice the limitations of the sound delivery and as expected it offered a great aural separation and a wide soundstage.

The volume was quite on the high side, when we played it in one room we could clearly hear it from 2 room’s gap. After a thorough check, we concluded the audio clarity is superior to any other speaker on this list. The sound never distorted or added any noise even after playing it with the highest volume.


The rechargeable battery comes with this speaker is quite on the high side. On a full charge, it lasted 6+ hours of testing which is great compared to the size and the performance of music. It takes like 1-1.5 hours to charge it completely; you can either use the charging port given with this speaker or your mobile charger whichever fits for you. We never felt any kind of heating issue with this speaker but if you are facing it get your battery checked.


JBL Go Accessories

JBL GO Portable offers a great connectivity which usually goes for a maximum of 15 feet. Beyond that range, the voice will start breaking and finally, it will stop. You can use your aux cable to play music on this speaker but you have to get it (aux cable) separately. While within the range the connectivity never created an issue like distorted voice or any kind of noise. After the first pairing process, your speaker can connect itself to the device next time you turn on the Bluetooth. No need to search and pair every time you turn on your Bluetooth.

Additional Info

This speaker comes with a mic which is quite good. You can receive calls and talk clearly on this speaker. The speaker itself isn’t waterproof which we think is a bit of downfall in today’s date. Out of the box, you will get this speaker and one charging cable. The pairing is very simple on this speaker just follow the manual and you will be able to connect it to your device in no time.


JBL GO Portable comes with 1 year of manufacturer warranty which is more than enough for this product. You can rest assured if you maintain your use a little like your phone this speaker will not give leave your side any time soon. I have been personally using this speaker for 3 years now other than some scratches nothing is wrong with it. And JBL also gives world-class support to your customers so you need not worry about that too.

[newproductlink title=”JBL Go” score=”9.5″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;Flipkart::;;” pros=”Great sound quality;Many color options;Affordable price” cons=”Not splash-proof;Loudness a little low than others;Scratch prone” ratings=”Style:85;Performance:95;Connectivity:95″ short_desc=”The JBL GO brings JBL quality sound everywhere. Your all-in-one speaker solution.”]

Portronics POR-280 Sound Pot Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Portronics Sound Pot

If you are going for a cheaper product without sacrificing too much of a performance then we will strongly recommend you to go with Portronics POR-280 Sound Pot. It might cost less than our best pick but still, it can kick out most budget portable Bluetooth speaker. With a great amount of sound, audio clarity and a great music experience it feels outstanding. It’s compact size, dual device connection, auto sleep mode made it’s way clear to the 2nd best pick of this list.

Build and Design

Portronics did a great job with the build of this speaker. It is made out of thin wood (which really amplifies the sound quality). The rubber texture finish over body provides a premium feel to it. At the top of the body, the main speaker is situated with a metal grill making it quite sturdy and easy to handle.

Portronics POR-280 Unbox

The design is quite unique like a pot itself, a little lean towards the front side. The speaker itself gives grip cause of the rubber coating but even if you drop it by mistake it is capable of handling at least 5 feet drop without any problem(that’s what we tested). The speaker attracts a lot of dust and small fibers so using a cover is recommended.


Talking about the sound quality of this speaker it really deserves the 2nd place here. Some people will say it doesn’t give a quality sound with the loudness but we disagree here. At 50%-80% volume, we got crystal clear sound with a fair loudness and bass.

Portronics POR-280 Full Box

The bass is not like a full kind of home theater type but a fair amount of bass considering the size. We have tried with many kinds of music and in the entire test, this speaker performed great. But at 80%-100% volumes you will start seeing a little noise and distortion in the sound (will not be noticeable if you play in an open space rather than a room). Here the loudness kills the clarity a bit (a little bit). On the main go, we will recommend this speaker if you are not going for the JBL Go Portable.


Portronics POR-280 Sound Pot comes with 500 mAH battery which takes usually 1-1.5 hours to charge and can give a music play time like 7-8hours. The battery backup is on the plus side for this speaker, so you need not worry about getting out of juice while listening to music. The speaker comes with sleep functionality; if you leave your speakers for 10+ minutes unattended then it will switch itself off saving your energy.


Sound-Pot offers Bluetooth connectivity range like 10 meters if you start moving farther than that you will notice distortion in the voice. The 10-meter distance is a radius distance, not a focused length. You can also use the aux 3.5mm that comes with the product itself. The sound quality improves when you use the aux connection.

Additional Info

In this package, you will receive the Portronics POR-280 Sound Pot and one aux cable. For charging you can use any mobile phone charger with a Nano-USB port. At the bottom of the device, you will observe a tiny red led that with start pulsing when the speaker is charging. And when the charging completes the led will stay still lit up. And it will turn blue and start blinking while you connect it with Bluetooth. Please keep in mind the speaker does not have any external control other than the power on/off switch.


POR-280 Sound Pot comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. We faced some difficulties with the customer care executive while sending a damaged product. We had to send the speaker by courier entirely at our own risk and cost and it took like 8-10 days to get the product fixed and delivered back to us. So, keep that in mind while you are opting for this speaker.

[newproductlink title=”Portronics POR-280″ score=”8.4″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;Flipkart::;;” pros=”Unique Design;Wooden Build;Sleep mode option;” cons=”Longer time to charge;Only one color option;Less number of Customer Service.” ratings=”Style:90;Performance:90;Connectivity:85″ short_desc=”The sound-pot, portable Bluetooth speaker is quite aesthetically designed and boasts compact cylindrical design and rubberized premium finish.”]

Philips BT50A Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Philips BT50B Full Body

If both of our top 2 picks are unavailable and you want to go with a well-known brand you can put your trust on Philips BT-50A Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Philips always fulfilled the needs of its customer with this speaker our experience was the same. A compact size, a good structure, quality sound, boom bass all these featured really made this contender viable for the 3rd place.

Build and Design

Philips BT-50 is having a well-known cylindrical design with the controller at the bottom of the speaker. It is made of good quality plastic which is having a rubberized coated body. The coating is really of a good quality it will not peel off easily. There is rubber gripper at the bottom stand of the speaker also which prevents it from slipping off the surface. The material is very sturdy as well as it survived all of our drop tests (We don’t test until the item breaks).


It really shines when it comes to the sound quality. We were spelling bounded when we started testing the speaker. The sound quality is very easily comparable to our best pick. It houses a 1.5-inch driver with a built-in amplifier featuring Anti-Clipping technology of Philips which prevents distortion in the sound without sacrificing the loudness.

Philips BT50B Box

We observed the clarity was awesome for such a small size with well-maintained boom bass with balanced treble and very good proportion of highs and lows. The clarity for most of the songs we played on this was awesome. But if you are high bass lover then I would suggest opting for some other options as here you will get a very maintained bass. It also provides dynamic surround sound bass as well.


Philips BT-50 comes with Li-Po battery of 2 watts which is quite disappointing because it will give you a music play time of only 4-5 hours of playtime and it takes 1.5-2 hours of charging time. You can charge it with any USB or directly from an AC adapter.


As the title says you can obviously use Bluetooth to connect it to a laptop or your smartphone or you can use 3.5mm input and use it with AUX cable. The sound quality stays the same in both of the options. The speaker is having a good range of ~10m for Bluetooth and supports most of the older and newer version of Bluetooth devices.

Additional Info

Philips BT50B Accessories

Philips BT-50A doesn’t come with an AUX cable you will have to buy a new one if you don’t own one already. The speaker also doesn’t come with volume controllers, only the power button, power led, 3.5mm input you will find at the base of the speaker itself. The white LED starts blinking when you put the speaker in charging mode and goes off when the charging completes. If you think BT50A is bit too pricey you can go with Philips BT50B.


Philips providing a 1-year warranty on this product. Nothing much to discuss over here, the customer service is simply great.

[newproductlink title=”Philips BT50A” score=”8″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;Flipkart::;;” pros=”Stylish cylindrical design;Philips sound quality;Great connectivity” cons=”A bit too pricey;No solid color;” ratings=”Style:90;Performance:85;Connectivity:90″ short_desc=”Bright colors help you pick one that fits your style and a built-in rechargeable battery keeps music pumping wherever and whenever you take it. “]

boAt Stone 200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

boAt Stone 200 Full Body

The last but one finalist on our list is boat Stone 200. Without any doubt, Boat has earned his name in the last couple of years in Indian market with their budget headphones and speakers. If you want an all-rounder portable Bluetooth speaker with a cheap price then a fantastic choice for you will be boat Stone 200. If you are ready to sacrifice a bit of sound quality and opt for a splash proof, stylish, easy to travel mini speaker then this small piece of a speaker will satisfy your needs just right.

Build and Design

boAt Stone 200 looks a lot like our best pick JBL GO Portable. Featuring a premium plastic body boAt Stone 200 is having a protective hard cover which acts as a shock absorber. The holder itself is pretty sturdy and survived our rigorous tests to rip it off.

Boat Stone 200 Unboxed

The speaker itself is rugged to the best extent itself giving protection against rain, splash, and any other form of moisture that might ruin any speaker in such scenario. The build quality and design are top notches if you are a bit of clumsy in nature (like me) you need not worry because this speaker survived every one of our drop tests.


The quality of sound is not poor but not very good also. You will get a decent amount of bass depending upon the music you are playing. The audio is loud but clarity will be an issue if you are running the speaker at a full volume.

We have tested with many types of songs but the quality we received from other speakers was not as per. If you prefer mild music with a good amount of clarity then this speaker will serve you good without a doubt but for EDMs and Bass based music it might disappoint you for your needs.


This tiny speaker comes with a great battery life powering a 1500mAh battery. With medium usage, it will last 10Hours as promised by boat itself. With high volume and continuous playtime, you will get around 8-9 hours.

Boat Stone 200 Side

One biggest con for this speaker is it comes with a warning written clearly in manually you should not play music on it while charging or it might damage or reduce the battery life. The battery charging time is slow (6-7 hours) if completely depleted you will have to wait for a long time before you can use it again.


BoAt Stone 200 gives you 2 options of connectivity either you can use the wireless feature or you can just connect it to the aux cable and run a wired connection. The connectivity with Bluetooth is simple enough just press the Bluetooth button and pair with your device in just a zap, the range is not a big of a deal it requires you to be in 20ft radius with your phone but not a deal-breaker.

Additional Info

This speaker comes with a high-quality aux cable which you can use to replace your current one. The speaker comes with IPX5 waterproofing it can handle light splash and rain with ease but don’t take it for an underwater experience :P. The mic that is provided with this speaker is average you can use the hand’s free mode while chatting or calling but you will get a big difference in the voice as this speaker is not optimized for voice. There is no noise cancellation feature with this given mic so take that into notice before getting this speaker.


BoAt Stone 200 comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. And don’t worry about the customer services they satisfy their customer needs as much as they can. If you don’t have a nearby service center call boat customer care they will either pick up the damaged product from your house or ask you to courier them the same. Within 7 days either they fix your damaged product or they will provide a complete replacement item. They will give you a good deal of track of every step of the servicing.

[newproductlink title=”boAt Stone 200″ score=”7.8″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;Flipkart::;;” pros=”Rugged Design;Very Sturdy;Splash proof;Many Color option;” cons=”Sound quality not as per;Bass is not that high;” ratings=”Style:85;Performance:85;Connectivity:90″ short_desc=”boAt Stone 200 Bluetooth speaker can be wirelessly connected to Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers to playback any music collection stored on them.”]

iBall Soundstick BT14 Bluetooth Speakers with Remote (Black/Silver)

iBall Soundstick BT14

If you are a person of different taste and want to try a sound bar instead of a speaker iBall Soundstick BT14 will be the best choice for you. Out of some external recommendation we included it in our testing list and ended up adding it to our list of best budget portable Bluetooth speaker. But for this big body and loud sound, you have to sacrifice the battery backup, and some of the sound quality. But at the same time, you will enjoy having an FM with loud and clear voice and a good reception.

Build and Design

iBall Soundstick BT14 is having a typical design of a sound bar with a length 29 cm and height of 5.6 cm weighing up to 300 gm. The body is made of good quality plastic with an average quality paint. You will get a semi-glossy semi-matte finish, after using it for a long time they paint will be gone for sure. The material is quite studied in the outer body so you need not worry about that but we it is not viable for 5ft or 10ft drop test.

iBall Soundstick Back


It is having a fairly loud sound output but clarity goes down if you go north of 80% volume (25+). But if you are staying between 20 and 23 then you will get a loud crystal clear sound output. The quality and loudness increases if you are using an AUX cable instead of the Bluetooth.


The FM is having a built-in antenna and crisp quality in sound, to add extra strength to the FM signal keep the AUX cable connected. During our test, we tested with any kinds of songs and it generally satisfied it all but you will not get a heavy and tear bass but instead a sweet and rhythmic bass. This actually makes this speaker for bass lovers.


iBall Soundstick BT14 will provide you with a good music time of 4-5 hours tops while playing on Bluetooth. And 5-6 hours if you are using the AUX cable. The 5 Watt-Hours battery takes 2 hours for full charging. The remote uses 2 AAA batteries.


You will get 3 options of connectivity Bluetooth, AUX cable or USB connection. The sound with USB connection beats all the 3 options but if you listen carefully then only you can get the difference but mostly it is all same. The Bluetooth radius of connectivity is fair, you will get a 10 ft of radius while playing via Bluetooth.

iBall Soundstick Aux Connection

While playing the FM we recommend to attach the AUX cable as it will boost the signal and quality of FM will increase by a lot. You can also use a USB card reader to play music from SD cards or Pen drives. The remote is having a good range of 5-8 FT directional.

Additional Info

The best deal of iBall Soundstick BT14 is that it comes with a remote control which separates it from most of the items in this list. But the lack of portability than other contenders and a little bit down sound quality took it to the last place. But we can assure you with day to day use you will not find a difference in the sound quality.

iBall Soundstick BT14 Remote

This speaker comes with AUX Cable, Remote Control, and USB Charging Cable. The quality of the AUX cable is great it will continue to serve for a long time. The charging point, the USB port, the on/off switch, and the 3.5 mm port situated at the back of the speaker and the volume controls are on the top of the speaker itself.


There is nothing more to say about the warranty. iBall always satisfies customers with their service. This speaker comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. If needed simply visit your near iBall store in most cases you will get a same day replacement.

[newproductlink title=”iBall Soundstick BT14″ score=”7.7″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;Flipkart::;;” pros=”Comes with remote;FM included;Have dual speaker;” cons=”Less Portability;No color options;Long charging time;” ratings=”Style:70;Performance:95;Connectivity:80″ short_desc=”Amazing and Pure Sound Portable Multifunction Speaker Remote Control with direct track selection Enjoy Music Anytime and Anywhere Breathing Light effect to feel the pulse of music USB, MicroSD and AUX Inputs Play wirelessly.”]


All the speakers listed here are chosen very carefully depending on their performance. We have tested thoroughly every scenario and every aspect. We have decided the scores and ranking according to our test results if you are not satisfied with suggestions please let us know through our facebook page or in the comment section.


TAGG LOOP Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: A great addition from TAGG with an inbuilt MIC. It comes with 2x 8W precision audio driver and enhanced bass.

Sony SRS-XB10 EXTRA BASS: Sony providing extra deep bass and punchy sound with a great splashproof material. With 16 hrs of battery life and easy Bluetooth connectivity, this speaker is a dream for every traveler.

Philips BT64B Portable Bluetooth Speakers: With 3 watt-RMS output and advanced audio performance BT64B is another great addition from Philips. The built-in microphone lets you easily switch from music to handsfree mode.


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