Best Budget Monitors Under 10k

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And here we are again going to share our reviews for our readers for the best budget monitor under 10k. And right off the back if you are planning to buy a budget monitor under Rs.10,000, your best bet will be LG 22MP68VQ. LG 22MP68VQ is the best competitor in this genre and that too in a very cheap price which will enhance your gaming experience, and if you are not a gamer for the general uses like browsing, watching movies, video editing or simply your daily work this monitor will give you a far better experience in its class. We have tested many monitors in this category for some time but this piece of hardware simply satisfied its Performance-Per-Penny.

It has the sharp image quality with fantastic color and contrast ratio of any 21/22-inch display we have tested in its league. And to make things more comfortable for us and a give us an on the go experience this monitors comes with pre-factory color calibration. We need not mess with the color scheme to fit our purpose the best possible color calibration was done by LG already. We found it a quite soothing experience which also gave this monitor an upper hand than its competitors.

In this price range, this is the best monitor that comes with IPS panel with a matte screen with a surface treatment of antiglare 3H which easily gave us a great viewing experience of its own. LG 22MP68VQ is packed with features in such small budget that we cannot deny its place on this list. This budget monitor comes with a detachable cable holder which made cable management for the monitor neat and managed, which is a big plus for us gamers.

LG Best Budget Monitors Under 10k
LG also providing LG On-screen controller software which is a life saver for some of us. You can even forget the monitor having a joystick and menu whenever you want to re-define your color settings. Here also you can set up display presets for different applications that will automatically change while launching the applications (Quite helpful for people who read a lot).

Monitor Resolution and Build


We simply cannot boast enough of the fantastic picture quality of our best pick. LG 22MP68VQ giving 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080) with a 21.5-inch display which will give you a better and smoother picture quality as the pixels are becoming denser than 22-23 inch. The contrast ratio for our monitor is 1000:1 which is quite common for IPS panel types (VA panels gives 3000:1 which means deeper blacks).

The antiglare 3H surface treatment combined with Matte screen provides a great experience to the users, and it is a great plus point for you guys who work in a room with lots of lights. Some people prefer glossy finish on the monitor as it provides a professional look to the system.

The bezels are thin on this monitor but yes those are quite visible it is not an ultra-thin bezel display to boast about. But the monitor’s build quality and great picture quality can fill your plate without worrying about the bezel.

AMD FreeSync

The best feature of LG 22MP68VQ is that it comes with AMD FreeSync technology. Which enables you to reach 75Hz on its own reducing the tearing and the stuttering which gamers often observe in many monitors in this price range. The AMD FreeSync technology ends your experience of choppy gameplay by reducing the broken frames with fluid and artifact-free virtually any frame-rate. To enable this feature you would require an AMD graphics card which also should be FreeSync enabled only then you can enjoy the full features of this monitor. And also try using this monitor with HDMI connection, not VGA, by doing this you will not restrict any feature our pick has to offer.


LG-Back Best Budget Monitors Under 10k

Components and Adjustability


22MP68VQ comes with a mounting stand (as you need to know this) which is having a very good build quality, mounting is easy as eating an ice-cream. It looked quite sturdy at first but as we begin our testing we felt the stand mounting was a bit wobbly and it is not having any height adjustment which was quite disappointing for us. The stand only allows us to tilt the monitor rotation is also not an option.

BUT…with all these complications here comes a great part – Our pick is VESA compatible which is not a feature of many monitors at this price point, to be honest. So with the monitor stand removed you can mount the screen to a VESA compatible wall attachment or desktop arm.

Best Budget Monitors Under 10k

LG 22MP68VQ 22

The 22MP68 is an IPS Panel (Neo Blade One Technology). The narrow bezel enhances the look and feel. The color response is over 99% SRGB making visuals stunningly beautiful and realistic.

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HP T3M71AA/HP 22es IPS LED Monitor

In case of LG 22MP68VQ is unavailable you should put your best bet in our 2nd pick HP T3M71AA which is the 2nd best challenger in our list. We went with this monitor only because of the marketing as “Bezel-less display”. We put these words to test and really delighted with the result that we got. Our viewing angle widened as we are watching movies on this fantastic piece of hardware. This monitor also comes with a matte finish screen which will keep those nasty reflections away while you are busy with your work.

HP Best Budget Monitors Under 10k

To extend the rivalry I would like to convey HP 22es is having a quite same excellent quality of images and color contrast ratio as our best pic LG 22MP68VQ, in some aspects HP 22es is better, as it is far thinner than 22MP68VQ and also bezel-less display gives quite immersive experience to the users. But I would like to bring forward various features of LG 22MP68VQ to bring its opponent down. You can find a table at the end of the post to refer and compare the features of all our picks. Because of its bezel-less setup the multiple display setup experience was quite entertaining and seamless at the same time, it would definitely enhance your gaming experience if you like to play games on a multi-monitor setup.

Best Budget Monitors Under 10k

HP 22ES 21.5-inch IPS LED Monitor

HP 22es is the thinnest LCD display yet has a sleek design that's easy on the eyes. And the crisp, vibrant view from almost any angle comes at an ultra-affordable price.

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Dell S Series S2218H LED-Lit Monitor

Dell Best Budget Monitors Under 10k

And the 3rd placeholder in our list is Dell S Series S2218H is another deal breaker in this field. This monitor will give you quite similar experience as our top pick with its ultra-thin bezel with less distraction. The picture quality is quite sharp and fantastically detailed. We did not find any kind of noise or stuttering while testing this monitor.

S2218H comes factory calibrated so you need not bang your head around it to get its proper efficiency of this monitor. There is a backlash for this monitor that the glossy finish unlike most of the competitors on this list but that depends on your view, I personally prefer matte finish monitors so that it doesn’t reflect lights to create distractions while watching movies or doing some works and all. We tested the inbuilt speakers of this monitor to its extent and to be frank it was quite beyond the expectation. The sound was clear with negligible noise and quite good quality.

Best Budget Monitors Under 10k

Dell S Series S2218H 21.5-inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

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BenQ VZ2350HM 23 inch

And if you want to go a bit offbeat the most viable choice for you will be BenQ VZ2350HM.We are placing this monitor on our 4th place on this list not just because of its sheer size of 23’’ or the ultra slim bezel of it will simply enhance your viewing experience, to make it to the 4th place here is just because of it’s amazing picture quality with great color and contrast ratio. Similar to LG 22MP68VQ, BenQ VZ2350HM is having a matte finish screen which gave us a great viewing experience on its own because of the less reflection of light that might be a little distractive while working or watching any movies (Intense Gamers will simply ignore this kind of things).

BenQ Best Budget Monitors Under 10k

During our testing of continuous 10 hours (Lord of the Rings trilogy) we happened to have an eye soothing experience without any pain or any kind of irritation thanks to the ZeroFlicker Backlight technology. But be aware of their claim about being slim bezel can be a bit deceptive, the LCD panel itself has 1mm trim around it (which is really very slim) but the panel itself has a 4.5-5 mm black border around the display. Though it is slimmer than most monitors so it will not be a big deal for the user.

Best Budget Monitors Under 10k

BenQ VZ2350HM 23 inch

The BenQ VZ2350HM IPS monitors are embedded with a sophisticated narrow bezel design on the outside and stunningly rich colors on the inside

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BenQ Back Best Budget Monitors Under 10k
This monitor doesn’t come factory calibration which we would like to add as a downside of this hardware. Really trust me calibration for the first timers is really a pain in the neck. But as stated earlier a monitor quality is based on its picture quality to the naked eye, on which VZ2350HM will be indistinguishable from perfection.


And there is also one point we still haven’t talked about is the inbuilt speaker that comes with the monitor. Though BenQ boasts about providing you best audiovisual perfection but marketing may be misleading in some ways. We have found the inbuilt speaker should only be used as last resort because of inaccurate and tinty sound quality. But hey, we are talking about the picture, not sound. You will find a bit picture quality difference which you have to sacrifice for the sheer size of the monitor. The pixel density of this monitor will be a little less because it is a 23-inch monitor with 1080p which will be a little less than a 21-22 in monitor with the same resolution. But that will hardly be noticeable to the naked eye.


On a final note, I believe you should be going with our best pick if that is available in the market. The other picks are good alternatives but they are not up to the mark of our best pick. If you have any different view than us please share us in a comment.

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One thought on “Best Budget Monitors Under 10k

  • Prince
    6th August 2018 at 4:19 pm

    Thanks Suvradeep. Actually all monitors in this list is an LCD panels. The difference is the panel types. IPS panel renders greater viewing angles and better colors than TFT panels as well as LED backlight. On the other hand the LED is only a backlight technology(not a panel like IPS/TFT) which is good for Smartphones(OLED) not Monitors.

    For a simple answer to your question LG 22MP68VQ is having an IPS (Neo blade I) panel, it is not LED-backlit. Whether you are going to use the Freesync or not LG 22MP68VQ wil be the best bet for you at this price point.(picture quality is better than BenQ VZ2350HM)


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