Best Budget Bluetooth Headphone

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In this modern era of innovation, a smartphone is becoming a must-have gadget for everyone. And to evolve from traditional headphones and getting rid of the hustle of managing the wires we are now leaning towards using Bluetooth headphones to make our lives easier. For that purpose, we have prepared you a list of best budget Bluetooth headphone. Check out the full review of each headphone before making your decision.

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TAGG Inferno 2.0

To be honest with you guys this time we were able to test no more than 23 headphones for 48 hours total and we concluded that TAGG Inferno is superior to any other headphones in this price point. It is a certain fit for the best pick in our budget Bluetooth headphone list.

The rich features and the quality of sound you will be getting is really satisfying. For your business work or watching movies or during your workout this headphone is really a beast.

Best budget Bluetooth Headphone

The voice during the call is crystal clear, and with the help of noise cancellation mic, the person on the other end will also get a crystal clear voice, dampening all other external noises.

The soft material and lightweight ear hooks make it a great candidate for long-term use. Even the case provided with this headphone is hard enough to save it from the most external force. It also definite with your style statement.



I was quite happy with the ergonomics design of TAGG Inferno while testing. The ear hooks are really soft and very flexible which doesn’t create any kind of irritation to your ears. At the same time, it keeps the headphone in place even if you are in extreme workout session.

The whole earphone is covered with a thin rubber coating providing extra grip. TAGG Inferno is IPX4 sweat-proof. You need not worry about sweat or some sprinkle of water. Please keep in mind this headphone are not waterproof so please don’t go diving into a pool wearing these 😛

TAGG Inferno

Sound Quality

Now coming to the sound quality, TAGG Inferno will give you a crystal clear voice while you are on call. We did not observed any cuts or disturbance during voice calls due to the headphones(nothing you can do if network issue).

This headphone will not provide you a whole lot of high bass as they are not built for bass alone. The level of bass is well-maintained with perfect vocals and lows. You will actually enjoy the music not only the bass. But if you are a high bass lover I would suggest go for some other headphone as this one is having well-maintained bass neither too high nor too low. We tested all kind of music on this headphones and overall it performed really great.



TAGG Inferno comes with a 100 mAH Lithium Ion battery that claims to provide 7-8 hours of music-play but during our tests. We were able to use these headphones 9+ hours for music play (I am using it personally for a long time) and 4-5 hours while on call.

There is a voice indicator that will tell you when the battery is low. It takes generally 1 hour 30 minutes for fully charging the battery. We recommend to charge it using your laptop as the high voltage from wall charger might damage the battery life.


Additional Info

This headphone comes with a pretty high quality, stylish hard carry case and charging USB cable, and 2 other sets of earbuds. Inside the carry case, there is a pocket made with elastic mesh where you can put your headphone or the charging cable and additional buds.

Earbuds are very soft and an easy fit in the ear. For longtime usage, you won’t feel any kind of irritation inside or over the ear provided you are using earbuds which fit your external ear cavity.

TAGG® Inferno, Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Headphone with Mic Drizzle

There is a tiny led (red/blue) indicator, and voice notification for low battery, connectivity, and disconnection. The one-touch button given on the right ear of the earphone can perform multiple functions. Without touching your phone you can call, hang the call, play music, and change the music without any hustle. The volume rockers are meant to turn the volume down of the headphone itself, not your smartphone’s volume.



You will get 1-year manufacturer warranty on this product. To be honest we never expected good customer service from TAGG (As I had some bitter experience with these newcomer companies). But the professional and hustle less service they provided simply left us spellbound. They replaced the damaged headphones all together with intact warranty (1 year starting from the time of replacement) of a new one. They replied the emails on time, picked up the calls, guided us through the process of getting a replacement and even later called to take the feedback and further queries. The customer service they provided was simply great from their end.

[newproductlink title=”TAGG® Inferno” score=”9.5″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;Flipkart::;;” pros=”Stylish Design;Good Quality Case;Crystal clear sound;Fast Charging” cons=”Not Complete Water-Proof; Only 1 color option.” ratings=”Style:90;Sound Quality:85;Mic:90;Build Quality:95″ short_desc=” Tagg inferno comes with noise cancellation, full call control, IPX4 sweat-proof resistance, complete mobile device compatibility, simple yet smart technology blocks out ALL excuses.”]

Leaf Ear Deep Bass

In case our best pick is unavailable for you to buy, your most viable next choice will be Leaf Ear Wireless Deep Bass. These headphones are comfortable, stylish and easy to handle for every kind of users. Instead of ‘over the ear’ ear-hook you will get 3 sets of sports ear hook.

The headphones are sweat proof, so during workout or light drizzle, you need not worry about your earphones all the time. The superior battery life is also one plus to the users.

Deep Bass and Headset


They have got a quite high-quality Ergonomic, durable design. It is quite comfortable to wear it throughout the day. Though the headphone size seems quite big for some people who are having small ears (like me) and sometimes it creates irritations in-ear-canal when we do extensive exercise (while jumping).

The sports ear-hooks are not that comfortable as our best pick but some people will like these ones. The body is total matte finish with a rubbery texture with good grip. And the flat cable will keep your headphones untangled.

Leaf Ear Wireless Bluetooth


Leaf Ear Wireless Deep Bass gives you a clear sound for all of your musical sessions. The bass was pretty loud and powerful which actually makes this headphone suited for bass lovers.

We tested it with many variations of music and it performed quite well in our entire test, the sound had clarity throughout, the vocal and lows were good but at some point of time, the bass was dampening a bit.

The microphone situated in the left earphone performed really well during calls due to the Hi-Res audio receiving technology. The clear voice capture helped a lot during calls provided a proper sound clarity omitting most of the ambient noises to a great extent.



Equipped with 100 mAH battery it provided a great deal of battery life similar to our best pick. But the difference is the charging time (2-3 hours), it was a bit more than TAGG inferno. The battery lasted more or less 6 and a half hour music play time and like 4 hours on call.


Additional Info



Deep Bass and Headset box contents

Leaf Ear Wireless Deep Bass comes with 3 sets of ear-buds and 3 sets of sports ear-hooks made of very soft rubber which will be comfortable to use for a long time. But it will not be able to hold if you are jumping around.

You will get at least of 6-7 meters of coverage if you go farther than that the voice will start breaking a bit. The case is hard enough to protect it from most external damages. The case have enough space to carry the whole headphone with all the accessories. It comes in 3 color variants (black/blue/red) all looks cool, the color is as vibrant as you can see in the images.



Leaf is providing 1-year hassle free warranty. If there is any problem with the headphone you simply get connected with the customer care and they will instruct you what to do. Your item will either get replaced newly or will be repaired. But in most of the scenarios, it will get replaced.

[newproductlink title=”Leaf Ear Deep Bass” score=”8.5″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;Flipkart::;;” pros=”Stylish;Many color options;Good battery backup;” cons=”Takes longer to charge;A bit heavy;” ratings=”Style:90;Sound Quality:85;Mic:85;Build Quality:87″ short_desc=”LEAF EAR Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Mic – Bluetooth 4.1 technology Ensures perfect stereo sound quality.”]


CrossBeatsTM Raga Grey-Green

Coming to our 3rd ranking headphone of this list, here comes CrossBeatsTM Raga. Cross beats a familiar name to most of you readers, they deliver great headphones with quite an affordable price. If you couldn’t get your hands on both of our 1st and 2nd best picks you might want to take a look at this contender.

CrossBeatsTM Raga Grey Green

The difference between 1st/2nd/3rd picks is really very slim so you are not losing much of ground if you are going for any of them. Corssbeats raga will deliver you outstanding cross beat signature sound to suit your activity whether you are working out in a gym or do your daily chores(This color scheme goes fro gym mostly. You will get more or less same features in CrossBeatsTM Raga as TAGG® Inferno or Leaf Ear Deep Bass.



You can find the design a lot similar to our best pick in this case. Over the ear ear-hooks, comfortable ear-buds, volume rockers, noise cancellation mic and a multipurpose power/connection/call button. The color scheme is green and grey which is made to stand out in the crowd. Believe me people will turn to take a good look at your headphone if you are using it outside.

CrossBeatsTM Raga Earhooks

The ear-hooks are quite soft and don’t make any kind of irritations if used long hours. The body of the headset is covered with soft rubber matte coating which gives extra grip and keeps the sweat and water out. You will get a premium feel while using this headphone.


Sound Quality

CrossBeatsTM Raga lags a little(very little to be honest) behind our top 2 picks of budget wireless headphones in the matter of music sound quality. When we tested we felt the quality of music was decent, the bass was ok, the lows and vocals were good nothing too fancy but nothing to impress altogether, it was decent.

During our call test, it performed similarly to our best pick caller’s sound was crystal clear, and the noise cancellation mic also did a very good job. We tested it in a very busy road but most of the noise was dampened by the mic. For this price point, we expected a little bit more on the music side.


CrossBeatsTM Raga comes with a 120 mAh battery which is really good for a wireless headphone. We were able to squeeze out 7.5+ hours of juice out the battery before recharging it again.

The headphone itself is power-hungry and lacks sleep mode which might be the cause of quicker battery depletion. It takes 2 hours to charge the battery up fully and again you will have enough juice for next 7 hours.

Additional Info

As of the title of 3rd best budget Bluetooth headphone CrossBeatsTM Raga gives a bang for its bucks. In the package, you will get 3 sets of ear-buds(1 small,1 medium,1 large) and a stylish carry pouch. The pouch is black, square and hard-cased with Cross beats logo printed on it in green. It certainly adds up to your style statement.

It supports multi-device connection and has voice prompts to notify you of calls, battery status etc. The headphone is IPX-4 rated sweat-proof. So need not worry about intense sweating or a little drizzle.

CrossBeatsTM Raga full case


CrossBeats providing 12 months replacement warranty with this product. And after buying this product you have to register it on their official website will valid proof of purchase. I personally haven’t dealt with their customer service but I have taken a review from my colleagues about their servicing, and according to them, you will get quite satisfying servicing if you need. They will either provide a pickup or you have to deliver the damaged product to them and you will get a replacement in about a week.


[newproductlink title=”CrossBeatsTM Raga Grey-Green” score=”8.3″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;Flipkart::;;” pros=”Stylish;Different Looks;Hard Body;” cons=”Less battery life;Easily Noticeable;Scratch Prone” ratings=”Style:90;Sound Quality:80;Mic:75;Build Quality:88″ short_desc=”Raga easily connects with all Bluetooth enabled devices such as Apple, Android, iPhones, iPads. Headset works with desktop and laptop computers.”]


House of Marley EM-JE083-DN

Some people might get angry with me as we put House of Marley EM-JE083 in the 4th position. I am personally feeling a little bit guilty about it. But the reason it is here because of pure sound it provides. Yes, you heard me right, this headphone is for purists.

If you love the music in the purest form then you would want to consider getting your hands on this headphone. But if you want bass then you will very very disappoint. This headphone provides the minimal bass but neutral sound. You will be able to enjoy every aspect of the music if you are using this headphone.

House of Marley EM-JE083-DN

We have chosen the DN(Denim) Model for our review. You can also choose other color options which are cheaper. SB(Signature Black), CP(Copper), BA(Brass) are cheaper than denim model.


House of Marley EM-JE083-DN is a neckband style headphone which makes it not very usable in the gym or while jogging (you can use while jog if you are not sprinting). The headphone looks very classy in every aspect. The tip of the neck bands is made of FSC certified wood and on the left side.

There you will find the control buttons and the mic. It is placed near to the face itself so the voice quality is better than any other entry of this list. The specialty of the house of Marley is to use pure woods for the rear housing which can be seen in this headphone also. The braided wires are tangle resistant and it will last very long(longer than any other entry in this list)

Sound Quality

Because of the sound quality, our testers put this one in the 4th place. The quality of the sound is really very good; you will get pure music out of it no junk. It will provide very warm and clear lows, and balanced highs and bass and the mids you will hear every part of the lyrics clearly.

House of Marley Wooden TIp

You won’t feel the bass punch while using this. Songs which are made for bass will be kind of fade in this headphone. But if you are purist I highly recommend you forget everything and buy this one ( I am not getting biased towards a single company but it’s so good).

The mic is having highly sensitive noise cancellation technology. It blocks out most of the outside sounds while on call, and the caller will get your voice crystal clear.


Battery backup is one more plus feature of this headphone. You can continuously use this one for 8+ hours after just once charging session.

For keeping the battery life safe it is recommended use industry standard USB charger. Don’t use fast chargers at it will deplete the battery faster. It takes 2 hours to get fully charged.

Additional Info

If you have used the house of Marley headphones before then we don’t need to you explain the sound quality but if you didn’t take note they are known for their balanced sound. You will feel every component of music while this headphone not only bass or treble. It does provide a balanced 1uality of sound. It comes with 3 sets of earbuds and a manual. You will not get any carry pouch with this headphone.



House of Marley provides great customer service, you will not be disappointed if you need to be in contact with them. It comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty. So if any technical issue is where they will replace your item and give you a new one.

[newproductlink title=”House of Marley EM-JE083″ score=”8″ image=”” reflinks=”Amazon::;;Flipkart::;;” pros=”Balance Sound;Prince and Color Variations;Great Quality;Quality of Service” cons=”Neckband;Low Bass;For Purists only;” ratings=”Style:75;Sound Quality:95;Mic:80;Build Quality:95″ short_desc=”First in class and comfort, Smile Jamaica Wireless combines FSC Certified Wood and recyclable aluminum housings.”]



Some of the headphone mentioned here are Chinese ones. In case you are skeptic about using a Chinese product then we will recommend you the House of Marley EM-JE083-DN.

If you buy any of these headphones we would like to recommend try every extra earbud and determine which one fits you the best. If you feel irritation after using try to change the size and adjust. It might take a while to get used to Bluetooth Headphones if you are currently on wired ones.

Never charge any of this headphone with your mobile charger (mainly with fast charging ones). Always use the USB cable provided to charge from your laptop or pc. Mobile chargers tend to send more ampere than required for these headphones cutting short the battery life. So be 100% sure that the charger you are using is following the same amount of power or use your computer to charge it.

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