Artificial Intelligence Update in Popular Apps and Social Sights

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Whether its Intel graphics, LG’s new software upgrade or Snapchat specs and Face recognition, all are deemed to be on the verge of developing artificial intelligence for themselves. If you still haven’t found out what is the most interesting feature you are somehow missing out on your Android or search engine. Here is some sort of news which might push you to upgrade your new app.

The base is focused on how much we can use artificial intelligence. To increase the easiest way to conduct our daily life, and took our steps further in digitalization.

Facebook Messenger New Mode

Facebook For Kids Google Play

When all over the world is getting tensed over Online security, Parents think about their children first. The new “Sleep Mode” is a blessing to ‘Messenger Kids’ (Since 2017 Dec Facebook messenger launched it). As per Online Privacy protection act, the messenger has developed itself. Basically, parents can set this mode where at night time or for the homework time, children can’t open this app or can’t do anything by it.It will only say messenger is in sleep mode try again later, after a certain time limit which is set by parents, the alarm goes off.

Youtube Devolved Trusted Content

Youtube Trusted

Kids who use youtube profiles are now safe. They have offered crafts, innovations, music, sports and lots of learning things for IQ. This panel helps parents to choose over those channels, only in which they want to have an access to their children. This way they could search or learn about the things, they actually need to know.

Skype Runs more option


  1. You are might be thinking what boring Skype can do? Whats app or messenger already have these feature!, Well here are the features of 2018, so suit yourself.
  2. You can choose color or hues, reacting to the messages or reply with the gifs, the chat got a lot better than before.
  3. When you are in video calling or just group audio calling you can share pictures, emoticons, stickers, which seems like calling is fun.
  4. You can share memories of pictures or videos with your buddies. Your buddies can share images and similar to whats app status its stays there on list form on your Skype page for 7 days.
  5. Whether tickets for a concert or Exotic delicious recipes you can search them over Skype. You may even plan your next trip around the world through Skype. You can also quickly find and drop useful information into the conversation!
  6. Now, the most interesting development is, you can’t converse with those who are offline? Just call their number, its free, send SMS to their number. And much more.
Amazon New Features

Amazon artificial intelligence

  • Amazon Prime >Whether release-date, 2-hour,(or flat-rate) grocery and household item delivery its free.Alexa deals. .Whole Foods benefits. Unlimited video streaming, free eBooks and much more for the members.
  • Amazon App AR features> though its only for IOS11 and iPhone 6s. By these feature in your app, you can scan or click any product around you, Amazon will say its price. So, if don’t know the product name you can help yourself to buy more confidently.
Gmail Redesigned By Google

Gmail Update

If you update the new Gmail, you can come along with many features based on Security and Artificial Intelligence.

  1. All new designs- with the designs it’s a 180-degree change from the left sidebar to the composed button.
  2. Confidential Mode-only you are the recipient you have allowed to a particular mail could make changes.
  3. Information Rights Management- This is a power by which you can control over emails such as forwarding it from the list or copying it. You also can download or print email messages, which can reduce the risk of shared information with wrong people.
  4. AI Features – Nudging features, Smart reply or auto-suggestion response, even Google gives you suggestion when to unsubscribe unwanted mail from mailing lists.
  5. Smart I need features-Task, integration, add-ons, Native offline abilities, Security Warning which can save your mail 99.9 % from the Business email compromise threats. Dig out more.

Artificial Intelligence or software upgrade was daily news, but we do not know exactly how it is going to benefit us people. Since we had a chance to get more digitalized and get closer to help out our self-more why don’t we give it a chance? So don’t miss out! And enjoy the features.

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