Acer’s Next Ultimate Gaming Notebook The Predator Triton 900

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This may already have been a sensation in the gaming world that it might be out of world discovery. It is New Acer Who Has Ace the Limits to Go Beyond The New Acer Predator Triton 900 Convertible gaming laptop has tremendous gaming features locked in. From fully convertible flipping display mode in 4k to mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting along with Trackpad made gamers go crazy.

The IFA Trade Show which has been held in Berlin from September 6th to 11th September 2018, declared such an astonishing heavy-featured Gaming laptop.

Like the previous launch of Acer the Predator Triton 700, the Triton 900 features a fully programmable mechanical keyboard. The keyboard is positioned in a rather odd position for better cooling of high TDP components. Triton 900 is also having a low height making it unexpectedly slimmer considering the power it is housing inside. Another great feature, or rather an odd one, is the trackpad. You can easily flip it to reveal the numpad.


Predator Triton 900 Features

  1. It Has Flexible 17 Inch 4K display (3840X2160) Ultra HD Resolution which makes gaming Graphics quite a sight.
  2. Cooling is Reborn Because of Its New Aeroblade 3d Fans are inspired by Owl’s Wingtip. These fans can easily generate up to 3.8 CFMs of airflow, which is already high for a laptop. Acer boasts that this revolutionary design can outperform any traditional air cooler.
  3. Switchable Track-pad And Displayable Numpad whenever you want to change it, you can.
  4. It supports NVIDIA GE Force GPU (G-Sync TM).
  5. Wireless Wi-Fi + Bluetooth, 3 Thunderbolt Ports, One USB type-C Header, Gigabit Ethernet, 3.5 mm 2 audio jack ports.
  6. One of the best features is the mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting.

Release Notes

The Older Version of Predator 700 Had a price of around 300000 valuations but this may take more price. Though it still has not aired when the release is scheduled, it is expected to storm onto the market in the 2019’s middle. Predator Triton 900 Convertible gaming laptop. IFA Show Acer CEO Jason Chen Still hasn’t cleared the details about this beast of creation.

Aeroblade 3d Fans

Our Thoughts

This might be the birth of a new warrior at the scene or just another marketing stunt. Only time will tell what it’s going to be. The concern most people still have is about the graphics card and processor. We can easily assume that like its predecessor (triton 700) this notebook will also go with Intel’s new gen processors. It might be i7/i9 8th gen processors or might be featuring the upcoming 9th gens. Provided the cooling and the form factor, it is very likely it will house Nvidia GPU with high overclocking. It should not be expected that the latest RTX 2080 might be coming with it.

But all of these are assumptions only. Acer might surprise us all with far different configurations. If you ask, is it worth buying? Our answer will be to let it launch first to review the full features. Seeing any tech through a glass case cannot determine the quality or the features.

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